Podcast #6: Circle City News: The Sex Coach Interview


Episode 6

Happy Holidays, Indiana! Neveah Chanel joins us again as a Co-Host. Also, you can visit her OnlyFans page at @Neveahchanel.

Listen as we talk about local stories which include a report of an officer kicking a dog in the line of duty and tips to protect yourself from porch pirates poaching your ordered goods.

We thank NOLA’s Shannon Burton for joining us on the program today. Shannon shares her experience as a professional sex coach. We discuss stigma and strides forward in the right direction regarding our sexual health and awareness. Please check out Shannon’s website https://sexcoachshannon.com/ which offers learning and information about classes, booking sessions, and upcoming dates. Thank you so much Shannon for reaching out and coming on, all the way from New Orleans!

Enjoy National Cookie day!

See you next Saturday! Madison Prusak and Mark Nicholson

Tips for protecting yourself against Porch Pirates:

• Ask a neighbor you trust to keep an eye out for your packages

• Always track your package to make sure you’re home when it’s delivered

• If you schedule deliveries frequently, make sure you switch up the drop off times to be less predictable

• Lastly, require a signature for deliveries if you can • For Amazon deliveries, use their locker locations

• Sign up for the postal service’s email notifications