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Attorney Audrey Lunsford

About Attorney Audrey Lunsford
Attorney Audrey Lunsford

Audrey Lunsford is honored to join the firm of Mark Nicholson as Of Counsel.

“I am eager to support Mark and his law firm’s expansion,” Audrey exclaimed.

About Audrey Lunsford. She is a sole practitioner of Indiana family law at Lunsford Legal LLC in Indianapolis. She has more than ten years of legal experience in a variety of fields. She concentrates on issues related to criminal law, expungement, and family law (including child support and custody).

Attorney for Indiana Family Law

She has concentrated on public interest law for different governmental organizations. She defended children in family court delinquency cases and CHINS cases. Audrey gives her time to several legal help organizations. She dedicates a portion of her private practice to organizations that give people in need access to legal services.

A Comprehensive Approach to Client Representation

She now has more empathy for her clients as a result of her time and career-long experience. In her private practice, Audrey has used her experience in a client-centered strategy. She also takes a more comprehensive approach by defending clients in a range of legal matters.


2009 saw Audrey complete the Valparaiso University School of Law’s Honors Program. 2006 saw her graduate from Ball State with a degree in criminal justice. In 2009, she received admission to the Indiana Bar. The American Bar Association, the Indiana Bar Association, and the Indianapolis Bar Association are the organizations she now belongs to.


When she’s not practicing law, Audrey likes to read, travel, and spend time with her husband, daughter, and dog Bear.

Madison Prusak

About Madison Tate Prusak. She lives in Flordia. She is an out-of-the-box thinker. She is a grounded individual that prides herself on exposing the truth and expressing it consciously. She has several years of experience in writing and entertainment, not to mention a deep-rooted passion for the process. 

She has expertise in many art domains, ranging from content creations via stage productions, sketches, comedy, advertisements, leadership, team management as well as generating scripts and articles for small businesses and much more.

Madison Prusak
Neveah Chanel

About Neveah Chanel. She lives in Indianapolis. She is a model, server, and spiritual medium. She wears multiple hats and sometimes no clothes! Please subscribe to her Onlyfans page for that. She has thousands of fans that follow her.

She has a cat and a dog that she truly loves. She enjoys crystals, fishing, and singing her heart out on karaoke night at the local pub.

Neveah Chanel in Nevada

We are glad to have her are excited she is a part of the Circle City News team!