An article on the Investor Business Daily website asks the question. I like their investment advice but their politics are so extreme to the point of crazy.

They really want you to believe that President Obama is racist towards White people. I think the article is more of an insight into the author than it is the president. If President Obama is so racist then why did he pick a White man to be his vice president? Why are his closest and most trusted advisors White? No other president has surrounded himself with so many people from a different ethnic group as President Obama has. In other words, all the previous White presidents have picked a White vice president and had the majority of their advisors be White, just like President Obama did.

If you believe President Obama is racist then you must think he forgot to appoint a Black woman or Black female to the United States Supreme Court, not once but twice? And you must believe that when he spent a year fighting for universal healthcare he really meant to fight for laws that discriminate and enslave Whites.

Click here for the IBD article.


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