What Is National Masturbation Month?

Guess What? It’s Nationwide Masturbation Month!

Yes, it’s a thing! May 7th is designated as International Masturbation Day. And May itself is known as Masturbation Month.

It all goes back to then-President Bill Clinton, who fired then-surgeon general Joycelyn Elders in 1994 for saying that masturbation should be a part of sex education. She was the first African-American Surgeon General of the United States. Also, she was ahead of her time when it came to intimacy.

The following year, San Francisco sex shop, Good Vibrations, called for a nationwide occasion to have the right to masturbate on May 7, 1995, as the first National Masturbation Day. It expanded to International Masturbation Day then to an entire month.

National Masturbation Month celebrates the act of masturbation as a type of self-love and continued self-exploration, which are two of the many benefits of the act. It wasn’t too way back that topics of sex and masturbation were considered taboo.

In truth, we owe the culture and ability to talk about such topics overtly and unfold data and consciousness to important figures in the past. And apart from the sheer fun of it, here’s a breakdown of how masturbation could be helpful to both your bodily and emotional health.

Benefits of Masturbation

During masturbation dopamine and oxytocin launch to lift your spirits, boost your satisfaction, and activate the reward circuits in your brain. You don’t have to be with someone else to feel good, and a personal solo session can do the trick.

As you age, you lose muscle tone – even down there. Regular masturbation or sex can help strengthen the pelvic ground muscular tissues to help stop erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

National Masturbation Month is an annual event celebrated in May to promote sex-positive attitudes towards the practice of erotic self-stimulation. Including your companion if you masturbate feels attractive, a little bit naughty, and like you are sharing one thing way more intimate than sex – it’s bare, raw, and is completely centered on the prize.

Self-Love and Happy Endings

Self-love is not just for so-called unhealthy people. Everyone deserves a happy ending. I am inclined to have horrendous menstrual cramps, and I also get super-horny during that point of the month. If I masturbate throughout my cycle, it’s a much less painful experience. I don’t know if it’s the discharge of muscle tension or a total redirect of pain; however, it’s a win-win state of affairs that helps.

Coverage of International Masturbation Month in the U.S. has been way scantier than in many other nations and sometimes much less substantive. This nation continues to live in its prudish, Puritan history.

One needs only to look at the release of the draft Supreme Court opinion on abortion. Embrace your curiosities and re-discover your body. If masturbation isn’t your thing, that’s a-OK too. When it involves sex, you must by no means ever do anything that makes you’re feeling uncomfortable.

Know Thyself

Self-Love is getting to know your physique and is extremely empowering. Once you feel great about your body, you can appreciate yourself and what you can give to a companion.

Gather your necessities, whether toys or porn or a water bottle and snacks, and make yourself comfortable where you’re not likely to be interrupted. Take your time, and enjoy the pleasure of knowing thyself through self-pleasure.

I’m not afraid to confess I masturbate or discuss what turns me on sexually, whether porn, intercourse, toys, or dirty talk. It’s perfectly normal to engage in all-about-me time as much — or as little — as you’d like, and the most necessary thing is taking time to prioritize your pleasure. Above all, it feels pretty damn good.

Give Yourselves A Hand

Whether you have a companion or not, self-pleasure is vital to figuring out what you want, having nice sex, and feeling healthy. When I first turned sexually energetic, I shortly realized that the only individual responsible for my pleasure was me. Sure, I enjoyed companion participation and communicating what did and didn’t feel good; however, the onus of my orgasm fell on me. Knowing I might give myself such pleasure without the danger of STIs, being pregnant or under pressure from another individual was a powerful experience.

Women who masturbate and experiment with themselves know what they like and don’t like in sex. Using a sex toy may help with this process too. In turn, you’ll be able to guide your partner for a more enriching sexual encounter.

So give yourself a hand and Masturbate in May

By: Jill Hills, Sexpert

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Henry County Attempted Murder Trial Continued

Henry County Justice Center

Jury Trial Continued

The jury trial for an Indianapolis man accused of attempted murder in Henry County was supposed to start Monday.

Christopher Williams’ trial has been rescheduled for 9 a.m. August 1, 2022, in Henry County Circuit Court 2 for an attempted murder charge.

Mr. Williams and Jonathan O’Connor, another Indianapolis man, were arrested in December 2018 after a severely-beaten woman was found near Grant City Road in Knightstown.

Mr. Williams is facing Level 1 felony attempted murder, Level 3 felonies criminal confinement and aggravated battery, Level 5 felony intimidation, Level 6 felony sexual battery, Class A misdemeanor theft and Class B misdemeanor criminal mischief.

He has been in the Henry County Jail since 2018.

Indiana Criminal Defense Attorney Mark Nicholson

Williams’ initial jury trial began in November 2021. During opening statements, his criminal defense attorney Mark Nicholson objected to the prosecuting attorney showing a photo of the alleged victim to the jury. Nicholson moved for a mistrial and Judge Kit Crane granted the mistrial.

Williams appeared back in court Feb. 23, with Nicholson arguing several motions, including a claiming “prosecutorial misconduct” by prosecutor Richard Culver.

“There is a proper way to lay the foundation of evidence. And that ain’t it,” Nicholson argued, moving for a mistrial.

Motion Denied

Judge Crane denied the motion to dismiss the case because he believed Culver had messed up the procedure in November, but had not broken the law.

“I didn’t see anything intentional on Mr. Culver’s part that day,” Crane said. “It appeared to me a mistake on his part.”

Crane told Nicholson the photo was not new evidence, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise when Culver showed it to the jury. The judge said he did not know of any trial rule forbidding an attorney of showing the jury something they are confident will later be officially entered into evidence.

Attorney Nicholson also objected to Culver filing additional charges against Williams after the mistrial. He called the move “prosecutorial vindictiveness.”

Attorney Nicholson argued the charges of intimidation, sexual battery, theft and criminal mischief would not have been filed if he had not moved for a mistrial on behalf of Williams.

Prosecutor Culver told the court he did not show the photo to force a mistrial. He said he chose to show the photo during opening statements in order to show intent of the crime.

“When I showed the photo… anyone could see… that’s intent to kill,” Culver told Judge Crane. “It looks like a dead body.”

Prosecutor Culver argued that Nicholson and the other defense attorneys already knew the state might add sexual assault charges against Williams.

Prosecutorial Vindictiveness

“I don’t see prosecutorial vindictiveness,” Crane said, allowing the additional charges against Williams.

Crane also denied Nicholson’s motion to stop certain social media posts from being admissible in this case. However, Williams’ defense team still has the right to object to the evidence during trial.

Crane told the attorneys he trusts “that we tread carefully when we’re here at trial.”

Nicholson asked the court for a continuance, stating a DNA expert would not be ready to testify on Williams’ behalf until the end of March.

Crane granted the motion to reschedule the March 7, 2022 trial until 9 a.m. August 1, 2022. Williams’ pre-trial conference is 11:30 a.m. June 23, 2022.

Source: The Courier-Times

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Circle City News, ep. 20: Child Abuse in Canada, Will Smith’s Slap, Last Episode

Listen to our latest episode: Circle City News.

Good morning Indiana, we are proud to welcome you to our last digital podcast together! Great things in the works here at Circle City News. We are moving to TV! Be sure to watch as we transition our show from here to there.

Mark talked about Will Smith’s infamous smack at the Academy Awards and how that can divert attention from important and pressing achievements. We talked in a prolonged discussion about Canada and the pope’s plans to apologize to Native communities whose children it forced to attend “residential schools.” The abuse accounted for by these communities is documented on 60 Minutes, with the link to that article and video listed below. Please check out that video and raise awareness for Native peoples who -to this day- receive abuse by whitewashed government. No matter how you feel about your local and federal systems, at the end of the day, Natives have not and are still not treated with the prestige, respect and admiration they deserve.

Lastly, Neveah and the team discuss the first annual Met Gala in honor of raising money for local foster kids and the foster care program. If you or someone you know is interested in making a donation, send us an email and Neveah will get you covered.

From all of us here at Circle City News, we thank you for following us through this podcast. We thank Mark Nicholson of The Law Office of Mark Nicholson, who provided this platform to swap stories, opinions and make our big world feel a little more connected. We can’t wait to see what the next phase of this show has in store and we look forward to bringing it to you by Summer. Until next time, Indiana, stay safe and have a wonderful, prosperous spring time.


Surfs Madison’s magick selection at “Mad Meta Magick” on the Etsy store where shipping is always free! Link below!


Thank you to our sponsor Attorney Mark Nicholson of the Law Office of Mark Nicholson for making this podcast possible. Listen or watch us on Facebook, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and other places that play fine podcasts. Or visit our blog at CircleCityNews.org.

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Circle City News: Interviews Meredith Hill from The Hill Law Group

The Law Office of Mark Nicholson brings you another episode of the Circle City News. Today we had the honor of talking to Mark’s long-time colleague and friend, Meredith Hill, of The Hill Law Group in Maryland. Meredith discusses her transition from criminal defense to estate law.

Attorney Hill also shares advice to people interested in becoming attorneys. Family and Employment Law Attorney Deidra Haynes offered advice via Facebook Live chat.

If you or someone you know needs an estate lawyer, please reach out to Meredith Hill at 301-244-9040. If you’re looking for more information, you can contact her through her website at www.thehilllawgroup.com or find her on social media @thehilllawgroup 

Attorney Meredith Hill
Attorney Meredith Hill

Thank you to our sponsor Attorney Mark Nicholson of the Law Office of Mark Nicholson for making this podcast possible. Listen or watch us on Facebook, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and other places that play fine podcasts. Or visit our blog at CircleCityNews.org.

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Paralegals Needed

Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels.com

The Law Office of Mark Nicholson is Hiring!

Paralegal for a Winning Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Law Firm

Apply here.

Work Responsibilities

You will be responsible for having frequent interactions with clients and the opposing party. You will work closely with attorneys, keeping cases up to date, the attorney’s calendar current, and helping prepare documents. You will be responsible for: answering client questions, communicating with opposing parties, the courts, providing updates to clients, drafting documents, ordering medical records, and updating and organizing client files.

Work Criminal Defense and Plaintiff Personal Injury

You must have strong communication skills and should be comfortable working on criminal defense and personal injury cases. The type of cases will include clients accused of drug crimes, violent crimes, and sex crimes. If the thought of interacting with someone charged with certain crimes (or viewing violent crime scene photos) makes you feel uncomfortable, then you may not want to apply.

Work Environment

It is fast-paced and you should expect to hit the ground running. You should have knowledge and experience in drafting basic motions (appearances, motion to continue, subpoenas, complaints, etc.).

We work hard but like to have fun. If you have a sense of humor that is a positive for our work environment. Additionally, if are interested in movies (especially superhero movies) and books (especially comic books) that is a plus.

Work Experience

You must have at least 2 years of paralegal or legal experience in at least one or more of the following: civil (personal injury), criminal, or family law.

You must submit a resume and include links to at least one of your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)

Work Hours:

Hours are flexible but your core hours are 9 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday

Work Assessment

Only the serious and passionate need to apply. Therefore, before we interview you there is an online Paralegal Personality and Skills Assessment you need to complete. If you apply you will be sent a link to take the assessment.

Work Expectations:

  • Research and writing
  • Drafting documents
  • Treat clients/potential clients with respect
  • Transcribe and proofread legal documents
  • File, organize, scan, and copy documents
  • Jail/Prison visits
  • Attend court hearings with the attorney
  • Assist attorney during trials
  • Working with more than one attorney

Work Skills:

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Word and MS Office
  • Familiarity with filing e-filing documents
  • Familiarity with LexisNexis and/or Westlaw
  • Familiarity with case management software (Mycase.com)
  • Ability to type with accuracy and speed
  • Able to effectively prioritize and meet deadlines
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Strong sense of discretion
  • Able to work as a team with attorneys, paralegals, and clients


  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Dental insurance
  • 401(k)
  • Vision insurance
  • Flexible schedule
  • 401(k) matching
  • Retirement plan
  • Employee discount
  • Parental leave
  • Professional development assistance

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $15.00 – $25.00 per hour

COVID-19 considerations:
We are taking COVID-19 precautions. Currently, we require the wearing of masks in the office and social distance. Also, we may require working from home temporarily.

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Circle City News: Last Week’s Podcast

Circle City News

Good morning Indiana! Last week, Circle City News Podcast ran into a technical weather difficulty. We want to urge everyone to remain safe and careful driving on hazardous roads, and know that if we can’t all be there for you in audio, you can count on us to find alternative routes to deliver you your Saturday news cast round up. We want to thank our sponsor, The Battery Man, Mark Nicholson of the Law Office of Mark Nicholson, for running this podcast. 

On the international news front, tension continues to run high between Ukraine and Russian forces. Yesterday’s reports show the Russian military currently encircling at least 4 major Ukrainian cities. British intelligence updates us that Russia is increasing deployed forces to key cities, ie. not leading up in their fight for Ukraine ownership. We stand firmly against tyranny and pray for peace.

Grand corporations band together to support LGBTQ+ persons as USA southern states pass laws that jeopardize the safety of trans and non heterosexual youth. Apple’s Tim Cook, a member of the community, and Walt Disney’s Bob Chapek show public disappointment in Florida’s recent “Don’t Say Gay” bill. The two have paid for continual ads to run in Texas in support of the community. The state of Texas appealed its own judge to bureaucratically oppress a 16-year-old girl and her family. A 16 year old trans girl and her family are now being charged by the state of child abuse and endangerment for providing their own child with gender affirming treatments and medicine. Almost like the government thrives off of keeping marginalized, disempowered peoples marginalized and disempowered. Oh, why don’t you just go secede already? Google, Microsoft and Facebook are all in public alliance with LGBTQ+ youth. Hey Texas, when the corporations are behaving more civil than you are, find God. 

On the local Indiana scene, we celebrate the community and history as we celebrate The Indianapolis Recorder’s 127th birthday. Since 1895, the Indianapolis Recorder has been an African American owned and operated news source. The news station has a longstanding legacy and reputation for reporting the truth. The news station celebrated their journey reporting history in Indiana. Withstanding hate, threats, and yet never deterred off the path of being a voice for the voiceless. Thank you to The Indianapolis Recorder for being there for your city and your people. You are a staple of the community!

Thank you to our sponsor Attorney Mark Nicholson of the Law Office of Mark Nicholson for making this podcast possible. Listen or watch us on Facebook, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and other places that play fine podcasts. Or visit our blog at CircleCityNews.org.

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The Controversial Topic of Raceplay

Photo by KoolShooters on Pexels.com

Raceplay in the Age of Racism

Throughout my years of writing, I’ve covered just about every topic under the sun. The topics are delicate, spicy, erotic, and sometimes controversial. 

The topic of raceplay is no different. If you’ve never been opened up to the world of raceplay, in short, it’s a form of roleplay that focuses on the color or race of each person involved. Raceplay can vary from subtle racial slurs to intense slave play. Remember, controversial topic. 

The key to successful raceplay is to be sure that it’s consensual on both sides. It’s a strong possibility that your partner would be surprised if you started calling out racial slurs in the middle of sex. It’s something that you need to discuss before you start, and set clear boundaries on what you’re both comfortable with. 


The topic of raceplay is so controversial because it bases itself on racism and racial discrimination stereotypes. 

To be very clear, just because you’re into raceplay, does not mean that you have racist tendencies. 

I could easily compare this to rape play (a.k.a. consensual forced sex)- just because it gets me excited, it doesn’t mean that I want to be raped in reality. It’s very possible to keep your bedroom fantasies separate from your real life. It’s simply a kink. 

I’m a firm believer that what you do in the bedroom is no one’s business but your own, as long as it’s consensual. Nobody else is to say what sexual fantasies you should or shouldn’t play out. Many people intrigued by raceplay are afraid to speak out about it in fear of being judged or ridiculed, but raceplay can be perfected with mutual respect from both you and your partner. 


I was first introduced to raceplay when I was dating a Black man. I had my first raceplay roleplay with him. To learn more about raceplay for this article, I took to the internet to explore the topic and create a guide on how to get started. The most effective research is firsthand experience, so the closest thing I found to that was a website called blackpayback.com. It’s an interracial porn site that focuses on only white women being used by Black men. 

If you’re still on the line of knowing if raceplay is for you, start with a few videos and see how you feel. Or visit reddit.com, or Fetlife.com.  and there raceplay groups. If it totally captivates you, you can have more security going into raceplay in real life. 

Most people have sexual fantasies and are too nervous to share them. Just do it! You could find that your partner is completely open and ready to try the same things you are. The more you dwell on the discussion, the more time you waste having sex that bores you. 

An easy opening to this sometimes difficult conversation is pulling up your favorite porn to watch with your partner. Engage in what you’re watching together and try something new. Dive into raceplay by using racial slurs and see where it takes you from there. 

Raceplay can be degrading or nurturing, but the core comes from using racial stereotypes to get you excited. One thing I’m passionate about in any type of sexual activity is the use of a safeword. This could make or break your experience with raceplay. 


Safewords can be used during any kind of roleplay to sound the alarm that you’re uncomfortable without breaking up the action. If you’re being rough and like to scream, you can still do that without having your partner worrying if it’s real or part of the act. 

Here’s what I’ll leave you with- raceplay is not for everyone. Some people, especially people of color, might be downright offended that it even exists. But if it’s something that you think could add a little fun to your routine bedroom activities, start small, and try something new! 

By: Jill Hills, Sexpert

Woman taking off red high heels at home
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Circle City News, episode 17: Ukraine and Russia, Indiana Open Carry and The Batman

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

Good morning Indiana and welcome back to the Circle City News podcast!

Happy National Women’s History month to all! This is a great time to reflect on the courage women displayed in past and present generations and to just give an extra appreciation for the women in your lives.

We talked about the new bill passed by the Indiana House of Representatives regarding the legalization of open carry a gun without a permit. We also delved more into the current Ukraine and Russia war and about its effects on the United States. The Attorney General of Indiana believes TikTok is “grooming” children.

We’re very thankful for our sponsor, The Law Office of Mark Nicholson! In this episode, Mark joined us in our conversation, sharing his take on the Indiana legislation from the perspective of law enforcement, and talked about the newly released Batman movie.

We ended off with a tarot card reading and some words of wisdom from Neveah, as she pulled the Ten of Cups. This card is symbolic of family and togetherness and serves as a reminder to yourself that love surrounds you. Check out her services to fulfill your spiritual needs here:


Thank you to our sponsor Attorney Mark Nicholson of the Law Office of Mark Nicholson for making this podcast possible. Listen or watch us on Facebook, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and other places that play fine podcasts. Or visit our blog at CircleCityNews.org.

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Circle City News, episode 16: Ukraine and Russia at War, Florida Don’t Say Gay

Good morning Indiana! Happy Saturday and welcome back to another episode sponsored in part by The Law Office of Mark Nicholson. 

Today Madison and Neveah discuss the Ukraine and Russia on the brink of war. We dive into the history of the why and think about the what is next about this issue. With a week of hard news, we also digress about the new bill passed in Florida concerning the “don’t say gay” initiative.

We hope and pray for brighter days. Thanks to all of our listeners and viewers who support the Circle City News Podcast. Many blessings to you Indiana! We look forward to seeing you next week!

Thank you to our sponsor Attorney Mark Nicholson of the Law Office of Mark Nicholson for making this podcast possible. Listen or watch us on Facebook, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and other places that play fine podcasts. Or visit our blog at CircleCityNews.org.

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Circle City News, ep. 13: Interviews Caitlin Dostal from Deadstock Vintage

Good morning Indiana! Welcome back to Circle City News Podcast. LOCAL THRIFT ALERT. Today we interviewed Fort Wayne’s young businesswoman, Caitlin Dostal. Caitlin and kin are opening DEADSTOCK Vintage record store/vintage market at the old infamous Wildwood Liquor Store location on broadway street in Fort Wayne.

Caitlin dives deep in her process, switching from her online platform to opening up a storefront. Locals please check out her one of a kind store opening Tuesday! Please contact her below.




In news, Indiana registers National Guard troops to guide drivers through hazardous road conditions. Fountain Square Neighborhood Association raises 24k in 20 days to revamp over 1000 feet of sidewalks.

Also, don’t forget to check out the Beijing Winter Olympics streaming live at nbcolympics.com. 

Support our team! Our co-host, Neveah Chanel, is competing for Inked Magazine’s CoverGirl model. She is currently in the top 10! Show her some love and submit your vote each day through the link below. https://cover.inkedmag.com/2022/neveah-chanel

Thank you to our sponsor Attorney Mark Nicholson of the Law Office of Mark Nicholson for making this podcast possible. Listen or watch us on YouTube, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and other places that play fine podcasts. Or visit our blog at CircleCityNews.org.

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