Circle City News: The Sex Coach Interview

Episode 6

Happy Holidays, Indiana! Neveah Chanel joins us again as a Co-Host. Also, you can visit her OnlyFans page at @Neveahchanel.

Listen as we talk about local stories which include a report of an officer kicking a dog in the line of duty and tips to protect yourself from porch pirates poaching your ordered goods.

We thank NOLA’s Shannon Burton for joining us on the program today. Shannon shares her experience as a professional sex coach. We discuss stigma and strides forward in the right direction regarding our sexual health and awareness. Please check out Shannon’s website which offers learning and information about classes, booking sessions, and upcoming dates. Thank you so much Shannon for reaching out and coming on, all the way from New Orleans!

Enjoy National Cookie day!

See you next Saturday! Madison Prusak and Mark Nicholson

Tips for protecting yourself against Porch Pirates:

• Ask a neighbor you trust to keep an eye out for your packages

• Always track your package to make sure you’re home when it’s delivered

• If you schedule deliveries frequently, make sure you switch up the drop off times to be less predictable

• Lastly, require a signature for deliveries if you can • For Amazon deliveries, use their locker locations

• Sign up for the postal service’s email notifications

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Q&A with Jill Hills

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Dear Jill,

I am a pansexual female, and when I go to the club with my girlfriend, men think it is okay to come on to my girlfriend. They act like my relationship with her is not serious. What can I do to let them know?


This is something that is unfortunate but happens all too often. Men fantasize about being with two women at the same time, also known as the King Triade. My three suggestions are.

  1. Ask your girlfriend to let the man know that she’s in the committed relationship and not interested
  2. Tell the man that you both are in a relationship together and are not interested.
  3. You both walk away and just ignore him.

There are other ways to handle it, but those are three of my suggestions.

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Sex Coach Shannon

Sex Coach Shannon Burton

Shannon Burton is a certified sex coach and educator determined to help clients live fulfilling sex lives. Learn more at or follow her on Twitter or Facebook @sexcoachshannon.

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Guest Co-Host Neveah Chanel

Neveah Chanel, Guest Co-Host and Model

Hey y’all! My name is Neveah Chanel. I am a model, a server, a spiritual medium, and a contractor working in child welfare. You could say I wear multiple hats. I have one cat and one dog who are my world. I enjoy crystals, fishing, and singing my heart out on karaoke night at the local pub.

Thank you for having me and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the Circle City News team! 

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Circle City News

Welcome back to Indiana’s Circle City News Podcast. Today we welcome an Indiana local guest co-host named Neveah. We dive into local indie government ambitions. A potential increase of Chicago Police officers may be taking refuge in Indianapolis to evade federal vaccine mandates. Senator Mike Braun says, “Welcome to Indiana!” IndyGo offers free bus rides on Thanksgiving day. Make sure to take advantage of those free commute options.

Neveah gives a look into local social services and the spectrum of options available for resources and lending hands. We address the outburst of crackdowns in Hungary, taking leaps toward mass media mandates and federal bans on “gayness” in art, media, and education. Michigan made moves for the end of women’s suffrage by requiring all public restrooms to be stocked with free menstrual products, in addition to removing taxes on such products. Go, team!

Please check out our show by watching or listening on our website, Spotify, Youtube or Google Podcast, Apple Podcasts, and other places that play fine podcasts.

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Happy Thanksgiving from Circle City News

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Guest Co-Host Kristin Jacobs

Kristin is a Certified Medical Assistant and graduated from Florida State University with a B.S. in Family & Child Sciences.  In her space-time, she enjoys hikes, traveling to springs, and nature photography. She has aspirations to go to graduate school after working and traveling for a few years.

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Musician Sam King on Circle City News

Sam King is a solo acoustic musician in the Indianapolis area. He played in Push Down & Turn for 12 years as lead guitarist from 1991-2003.

Music samples are on under Sam King Music. He can be found on Facebook at Sam King Music.

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Circle City News Interviews Sam King

Hello Indiana! We welcome guest co-host, Kristin Jacobs! She discusses Biden’s temporary transfer of power to the Vice President and the search and rescue of Afghanistan’s women’s soccer team. Jonah Hill snags the role of Jerry Garcia in Martin Scorsese’s film adaptation of the Grateful Dead story. IndyGo offers free bus rides on Thanksgiving day. Make sure to take advantage of those free commute options.

Today we welcome our second guest, Sam King. Sam is a local musician, playing solo in Indiana’s downtown hotspots. Sam sheds some light on his long experience in the music industry and some special insight on his personal experience with foster care and local foster care programs. Thank you Sam for coming on!

In local news, we discuss Mayor Joe Hogsette’s 25 million dollars greenlight toward the Circle City initiative. Expect reconstruction of trails, greenways, and 90 miles of neighborhood roads to begin Springtime. The city takes a moment of silence to honor veterans that have served at the Honor of Silence Event, recognizing black experience in and out of the service. (article linked below) Thank you soldiers for your service!

Watch and listen on Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast,, or Youtube.

Indystar Honor of Silence

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday and we’ll see you next week!

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Review and Analysis of the Netflix Series: “Squid Game”

By: Natanya Faitelson


It started out with the memes. The close-up image of a doll with the caption: “green light, red light” which at first I did not understand. Then came the multiple messages from my group of friends, “you need to watch,” “it’s crazy and so addicting.” A couple days later I gave into peer pressure, and finally decided to watch the Korean drama on Netflix called “Squid Game.” The series is set in South Korea and tells the story of a group of social “outcasts” who are struggling to make ends meet and are deeply indebted, and therefore are forced to participate in the “games” which promises them a large reward of money if they are the finalists. Little do they know, the games are deadly. Nevertheless, after stopping the game once due to a democratic process rule in which the players can choose to stop if the majority wishes to, most of the players faced with the harsh reality of their everyday lives decide to come back and compete for their lives in order to earn the large reward in cash. The episodes then demonstrate how the players fight and compete for their lives in a series of modified classic childhood games such as tug-of-war. The series is violent, bloody, raw, and a bit difficult to watch, nevertheless you keep watching. The games, which are supposed to represent innocence and childhood are juxtaposed with the harsh realities of growing up and being an adult. In the games, even the groups that make alliances, under pressure end up betraying each other and looking out for themselves. This may be a commentary about human nature and the way in which the competitive world in which we live is one in which “you eat, or get eaten.” 

Another Factor

Another important factor is that the game is controlled and observed by some type of elite men who pay to use the lower class participants as tokens in their games to bet who will survive and who will die. I think that this, as the rest of the series does, supports the critique on class relations and how capitalism and competition allows the elite group to abuse those who are not part of that socio-economic group. In the last episode, we find out that the game was created solely for the entertainment of a wealthy man who wanted to “feel” something that he could not obtain with all the wealth of the world. 

The Winner

In the end, the character who ends up winning the game, Seong Gi-hun,  is overcome with guilt and depression after having gone through all the trauma. This may mean that all the wealth that he accumulated during the game is not worth losing lives. The first season ends in a cliffhanger as instead of leaving South Korea, Seong Gi-hun seems to abandon his plane in order to try to halt the bloody and deadly games from happening again. Hopefully, some of the loose ends will be tied when season two comes as creator of the show, Hwang Dong-hyuk, has confirmed that we will get a second season of the viral show sometime in the future.

Natanya Faitelson is a recent graduate of the University of California Berkeley where she graduated with a double major in Political Science and Media Studies. She loves writing and hopes to become an international affairs journalist in the future. In her free time she loves going on walks with her dogs, reading books, learning about art, and watching shows.

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