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Pike High School Volleyball Team Targets of Racist Gestures in Match versus New Palestine

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Z-Man versus T-Martin: Stalker Kills Victim

I have to admit, out of all the three high publicity cases (James “Whitey” Bulger, Aaron Hernandez, and George Zimmerman) the Zimmerman case is the most interesting to me. I believe this case has the most social impact then a mobster or millionaire football player allegedly committing murders (we’ve been there before). The reason why […]

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Glenn Beck Predicts Race Riots!

Thursday Glenn Beck said that “these people” in the White House will start a race riot if they don’t win the 2012 election. Really? I think anyone that believes that crap may be a racist themselves. President Obama is as much White as he is Black. He surrounds himself with White people. His second-in-command, Vice […]

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White Supremacist Arrested In Terrorist Plot

A member of a White Supremacist group was arrested in a plot to murder African-Americans during a Martin Luther King Day Parade. I guess Rep. Peter King needs to read the news and learn that there are more terrorists in the United States than just Muslim extremists. For the record, I would add street gangs […]

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