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FAQ: The Curious Case of Natalia Grace

Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about The Curious Case of Natalia Grace. This is to provide an additional layer of detail to the matter at hand, to clear up some of the confusion based upon the TV show. 2 Did Kristine Barnett have court appointed attorney, Public Defenders? Yes, Kristine initially hired attorney […]

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Sarah Juree on Holly Randall Unfiltered!

Sarah Juree made national headlines when she was fired from her teaching job for starting an OnlyFans page. She was recently interviewed by the famous erotic photographer, director, producer, and podcast host Holly Randall. Sarah Juree bold decision to start an OnlyFans account, led to her being fired from her teaching job. However, her story […]

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Circle City News: Last Week’s Podcast

Good morning Indiana! Last week, Circle City News Podcast ran into a technical weather difficulty. We want to urge everyone to remain safe and careful driving on hazardous roads, and know that if we can’t all be there for you in audio, you can count on us to find alternative routes to deliver you your […]

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October: National Cyberbullying Prevention Month

Last month was National Cyberbullying Prevention Month It is difficult to remember a time in which bullying was not a prevalent issue in schools. From name-calling, aggressive behavior, intimidation, teasing, and the list goes on. However, in recent times we have had the abrupt introduction of social media and cell phones enhancing the severity of […]

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