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Some conservatives, Republicans and Tea Party people love to call you a socialist, Anti-American, commie, and Marxist when you disagree with them. Then they get upset if a you call them a racist because you disagree with them.

They claim that liberals, especially Blacks, love playing the “Race Card.” Yet, they love playing the “Fear Card.” For example, look at Rep. Peter King’s hearings on Muslims in America. He is ginning up fear that Muslims are out to destroy America. Instead of having hearings on extremists or terrorists he is investigating one religion, basically labeling a religion as a terrorist organization. Or, watch Glenn Beck any day of the week. He is constantly predicting Gloom and Doom because of some liberal, Democrat or progressive policy. And, according to Glenn Beck, they are really Anti-American and want to destroy America.

Some may argue, “Hey, Muslims attacked us on 9/11.” I would argue that terrorists attacked us on 9/11. Why aren’t they holding hearings about Catholics? Aren’t they molesting children? No, they are not. Child molesters that happen to call themselves Catholic and abuse their religion to abuse others are molesting children. Why not hold hearings on gun violence in America. More Americans are killed by Americans with guns than are killed by Muslims.

It is easy to call someone a name when you disagree with them. But, just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they are Anti-American, communist, Marxist, socialist or racist. If some conservatives want to play the Fear Card by calling someone an Anti-American commie, Marxist then don’t complain when someone plays the Race Card.


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