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Jussie Smollett Gets Convicted!

The Jussie Smollett Conviction

The jurors sent a resounding message with the Jussie Smollett conviction.  Abimbola, who’s now an amateur boxer, mentioned Smollett advised him specific traces he needed the brothers to ship — “‘Empire,’ f—-t, n—-r, MAGA” — and then gave blow-by-blow instructions. Smollett was written off of “Empire” in the wake of the incident and testified that his career had been damaged. Gloria Rodriguez, the attorney for the Osundairo brothers, mentioned her clients “could not be more thrilled and happy with the results.”

National Headlines: Jussie Smollett Guilty On 5 Counts – CBS Pittsburgh

National Headlines: Jussie Smollett Guilty On 5 Counts.

Posted: Fri, 10 Dec 2021 11:35:02 GMT [source]

In text messages launched after public records requests, Cook County State Prosecutor Kim Foxx herself referred to as that assertion “bull—-,” telling an aide that she actually withdrew due to false rumors that she was related to Smollett. And Smollett not only dedicated a felony offense by falsely reporting a hate crime, but they also mentioned — what he did was “just plain wrong” to denigrate one thing as serious as a hate crime. In closing arguments, Uche stated the brothers had the motive to hold out a real attack on the actor. Olabinjo Osundairo might have carried out the attack because of homophobia, and Abimbola Osundairo may have been a self-loathing gay man, Uche said.

Jussie Smollett Discovered Guilty Of Lying To Police About Alleged Attack

“While it’s actually possible that he may receive a sentence involving jail time, the more likely situation is that he would obtain probation with some quantity of neighborhood service,” former Cook County Prosecutor Eryk Wachnik informed Reuters. “I don’t for one second imagine that justice was accomplished right now,” Uche mentioned outside court, including that the defense was dealing with an uphill battle as an outcome of “Jussie was already tried and convicted in the media.” Special prosecutor Dan Webb informed the jury that Smollett caused the Chicago police to spend enormous resources investigating a felony offense they consider to have been faked. Two brothers, Ola and Abel Osundairo, were arrested in February 2019 for allegedly being connected to the attack. The Osundairos told police that Smollett wrote them a check for $3,500 to carry out the purported assault. Smollett additionally took the stand, telling jurors that he and Abel had a sexual relationship earlier than the alleged attack. His communications with the brothers during the night of the attack.” were about scheduling a personal coaching session.

New York Post

Smollett informed police that he had been assaulted on a darkened road by two masked males. According to Smollett, his assailants put a noose around his neck and poured chemical compounds on him while yelling racist and homophobic slurs and expressing their help for Trump. With his conviction, Smollett faces as many as three years in jail for every charge towards him. His conviction carries a prison sentence, however, Indiana Criminal Defense Attorney Mark Nicholson expects the actor to more likely be placed on probation and ordered to carry out community service. He also questioned why Smollett would have declined to hand proof to police, including his cellphone, medical information, and a DNA pattern, if he had really been the sufferer of a hate crime. Special prosecutor Dan Webb called part of Smollett’s story “ridiculous,” asking why Smollett was on the intersection at 2 a.m., WLS reported. Smollett told the jury he went to get eggs as an outcome of Osundairo advising him to eat extra eggs.

Those Who Fib to Police Sometimes Recant

According to attorney Mark Nicholson, those who fib in preliminary reviews to police are regularly quick to recant and often aren’t charged in the event if they take it back instantly. After police accused him of lying, Smollett doubled down and insisted it was all true. Initial charges brought in February 2019 that accused the previous “Empire” actor of faking the assault were quickly tossed out.

Conviction with Gavel

But yesterday, the jury convicted the 39-year-old on 5 counts of disorderly conduct — for each separate time he was charged with mendacity to police within the days after the alleged attack. Twelve jurors in Chicago criminal court discovered the disgraced actor guilty of 5 of 6 counts of felony disorderly conduct for submitting a false police report following testimony from thirteen witnesses and more than 9 hours of deliberation. Following public criticism, Cook County decided to order Special Prosecutor Dan Webb to analyze each of the alleged crimes and the dropped Cook County case. In February 2020, Webb announced a new grand-jury indictment accusing Smollett of staging the attack and six counts of felony disorderly conduct, to which the actor pled not guilty. Webb also concluded that the State Attorney’s office abused their discretion within the initial Smollett case; however, they weren’t responsible for felony wrongdoings.

The actor pushed back by filing a lawsuit accusing the City of Chicago and numerous police officers of malicious prosecution. He testified over two days about being the victim of what he said was a hate crime, telling the jury “there was no hoax.”  The actor was initially charged with staging a hate crime in February 2019 however in a surprising reversal, Chicago prosecutors dropped all expenses towards him after he agreed to forfeit a $10,000 bond and confirmed proof that he’d accomplished two days of community service. On March 28, 2019, Chicago city attorneys underneath the guidance of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, sent Smollett a requirement letter, requiring him to repay the town the sum of $130,106.15 “expended on extra time hours in the investigation of this matter.” The letter warned that if this amount was not paid, then the Chicago Department of Law could prosecute Smollett for the alleged false statements to town or “pursue another legal remedy obtainable at regulation.”

The city of Chicago’s actions seemed like extortion. In any event, they pursued the charges and got their conviction.

EXPLAINER: What charges did Jussie Smollett face at trial? – SFGate

EXPLAINER: What charges did Jussie Smollett face at trial?.Posted: Mon, 29 Nov 2021 08:00:00 GMT [source]


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