FOX News PAC Credits Bush for the Capture of Osama bin Laden

I watched FOX News PAC, the FOX and Friends show this morning and was not surprised how they gave credit to Bush for killing Osama and torture techniques for the tip that led to his location.

The reality is Bush took his eye off of Osama and sent troops to Iraq to get Saddam.  President Obama took troops out of Iraq and into Afghanistan to get Osama.

How is Bush responsible for getting Osama when he has not been president for over two years but not responsible for protecting us on 9/11 when he was president?

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1 Response to FOX News PAC Credits Bush for the Capture of Osama bin Laden

  1. Hodon says:

    It was bush who got Osama!
    Bush comments at a Dallas Men’s Club:

    Bush Says he was sitting behind Obama, in the background, backgrounding if you will, “Some times a president needs background help and I’m the main backgrounder”. He continues “Barry called me up and asks W what would you do? So I told him be stealthy but roll, roll on this Barry make sure you get them little cameras on them seals so you can watch it all , your gonna love that. You can watch every move and when the moment of truth comes you can yell right in his earpiece. Shoot! Shoot the bastard. I wish I could be there Barry… Good times buddy, Good times. Hey but you call any time you might need some more backgrounding from the backgrounder himself heh heh heh . “Oh and hey Barry and don’t give me any credit, It’s all you man it’s all you, Thats the way I roll man.

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