Sarah Russi

Adult Model and Former Adult Star Breakup

An adult model and OnlyFans star who gained notoriety for dating a former child star 28 years older than her said the couple had broken up after three years of dating.

As some of you may know, Sarah Russi came to Indianapolis and did a photo shoot for Circle City News back in 2017. She was even our Model of the Month. Since then, it sounds like a lot has happened!

A week after Mason Reese, 57, of California, publicly denied that Sarah Russi was the best lover he had ever had, they parted ways.

Sarah Loves Older Men!

In interviews, Sarah stated that she “loves older men,” despite being called a gold-digger for dating 4ft 10inch Mason, who needs a mobility scooter. The unique connection was well-documented over the years.

Mason, who was once a regular on the daytime talk show The Mike Douglas Show, and appeared in advertisements for Underwood Deviled Ham, Post Raisin Bran, and Dunkin’ Donuts, met Sarah on Facebook in 2019.

The pair initially resided in New York before relocating to Florida, where things soured between them.

She claimed that during their most recent video interview, Mason was asked if Sarah was the best person he had ever been with. His response was not up to her satisfaction.

Once the video went viral online, the couple got into a fight, with Mason accusing his girlfriend of making him make the video.

The 57-year-old also claimed that his young sweetheart had an extramarital affair.

The couple made waves in 2019 when they made their romance public. They acknowledged that they had many puzzled looks when traveling throughout New York on Mason’s mobility scooter.

In response, former child actor and retired restaurant owner Mason claimed how ‘lucky’ he was to be with Sarah and even supported her cam girl lifestyle. Russi, who was 26 at the time, was accused of being a gold-digger.

After revealing the breakup, Russi received an outpouring of online support from followers who said, “Good for you girl, go and be happy.”

We support Sarah’s decision’s to date whoever she chooses and we hope whatever happened has made her happy!


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