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Sarah Juree, sex worker

Working on an adult social media site that allows nudity is virtually no different than being on an other social media or dating app. I sext, have sexy video calls and as a content creator consent to being nude with my subscribers in a virtual setting.

The Onlyfans platform has changed the face of a sex worker.

-sexting, taking photos of yourself and exchanging with others, videos, video calls, watching sexual content on your devices.

-sexual beings we found a way to digitize our sexual experiences.

This creates pleasure for both partnered and single people.

Why Onlyfans (OF) is a mental health site for men. creates a sense of sexual and emotional  connection virtually.

This platform became very popular all over the world due to Covid mandates that kept people isolated. We are designed for social, emotional and sexual connection. This connection was found through OnlyFans. People has a private, safe and virtual way to express their sexual, emotional and social needs. Many single and lonely people still find the platform to help fill these needs either temporarily or in more long term ways.

Almost Everyone is participating in this on various social media platforms from married couples to single. Check people’s phones and you will see this is not only culturally accepted but also morally.

Dating sites: all of this behavior PLUS women being used/manipulated as sexual consumables ‘hook up’ culture.

New conversations and redefining what the OF platform really is compared to this outdated term of ‘sex work’ as the platform is a new and unique experience. It’s not the sets and working conditions that sex workers used to be subjected to. Now, women can create content from the comfort of their home, pick their costars and do what they feel comfortable participating in, do their own editing and operate as self-employed business women while earning an income on the platform. This is how the platform has become empowering for the every day woman.

Almost every human is participating in technological or virtual sex. Behaviors such as having sex, masturbating or being nude is no longer confined to the bedroom. It is now being housed and shared with others through technology. Almost every adult in the world is participating in some form of virtual sex.

This will only become more common place as technology is so entrenched into our lives.

Our beliefs about a woman’s sexuality has also become a technological weapon called revenge porn. This tactic of using using the participation of technological sex by a woman and then posting pictures or videos without her consent to humiliate and shame her for expressing her sexuality through technology is another way men are weaponizing technology to continue to stand and humiliate women for participating in the same technology culture that men are participating in. Unsolicited dick pics run rampant on dating sites and private DM but men are not shamed. Men normally don’t get revenge porned or lose their jobs for this behavior.

Laws need to catch up with technological sex to protect the women who are only participating in technological sex in the same ways as their make peers but revenge porn and our views of a woman’s body and sexuality and shameful allows people to weaponize this and affect not only their mental health but even lose their jobs over this. We do not see straight men being victimized in the same way.


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