Female Feet
Female Feet

Feet of all sizes and shapes have been the subject of society’s greatest criticism as well as its greatest infatuation. Foot fetishes themselves have been around for eons. The earliest known writing referring to the human foot fetish is attributed to the Greek sophist Philostratus in the second century AD, where he begs the objects of his affection (a woman and a young man) to not adorn their feet with shoes or jewelry, as they were so beautiful and worthy of worship alone.  


Online forums and sites dedicated to the foot fetish community are growing in popularity. For example, there is Feetfinder.com. We highly recommend FeetFinder! It is the best and safest place to buy and sell feet pictures. Also, the site wikiFeet posts images of female celebrity feet regularly. The site has a 5-Star rating system, where users can rate the celebrity’s feet. Sections include “Feet of the Day” and “Feet of the Week”, where popular female celebrities with the most highly rated feet get a spotlight. There are also sister sites of wikiFeet, including wikiFeet Men, wikiFeet X, and my.wikiFeet

The fetish is limitless: Both men and women, regardless of sexuality, confess to having foot fetishes or a sexual attraction entirely based on a person’s feet. According to a recent study conducted by Justin Lehmiller, one out of every seven people have fantasized about feet in a sexual way. However, despite its frequency, foot fetishes also tend to be the subject of criticism. While all fetishes are tossed under the microscope at some point, it can feel like podophilia is often at the receiving end of society’s judgment.  


This begs the question: Why?  

In ancient times, the role of washing one’s feet was often done by someone that would be in a subservient role, often by a slave, servant, or spouse, to show respect. Giving a foot massage can also be a form of someone showing respect. Some psychologists of today argue that part of the foot fetish or foot play for many is its humiliation

Those who criticize feet fetishes admit that they correlate feet with being “unclean” and “gross,” thus unable to comprehend any attraction to them. Notorious psychologist Sigmund Freud believed that the foot’s physical similarity to penises are the reason – a theory that has been discredited. Other modern psychologists have further speculated that the proximity that feet are to genitalia in sensory perception (referring to The Penfield Homunculus) is the reason behind most foot fetishes.  


What goes into a foot fetish is much more multifaceted than what most of the population would believe. For some foot fetishists, it is a particular part of the foot: Someone could be aroused by the entire body part, another could be attracted to the toes, and someone else, the arch. The size and overall shape of the feet can also contribute to the degree of attraction. This could also be affected by the foot having a sock on (and the material state of the sock). Or if a certain type of shoe is being worn (with the most alluring ones being open-toed heels and sandals). Even so, this is not always the case. 

Many foot fetishists claim to love soft, well taken care of soles, or even the opposite: the dirtier — or smellier — the sexier. Some people prefer feet with tattoos, a particular nail varnish color, or jewelry like toe rings and anklets. Feet fetishes also correlate with sensory actions like tickling, licking, or massaging the feet themselves, but it is also associated with a footjob. 

A foot job is a non-penetrative sexual act that involves the rubbing and caressing of genitals or breasts with the partner’s feet and toes. Footjobs may be performed by those without foot fetishes and have been shown on various media as a sensual activity enjoyed by both parties. Furthermore, it should be noted that feet themselves and the people that worship them are not weird, as some would believe; their feelings and experiences are natural and valid, as is their desire for genuine connection. 

Written by: Jill Hills, Sexpert


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