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The Pro-Life Party?

During last night’s Republican debate some Tea Baggers cheered approval that the uninsured in America should die if they cannot afford medical treatment. This is a stunning reaction from a party that prides itself in being pro-life and wanting to end the Constitutional Right to an abortion. I have a hypothetical. What if an uninsured […]

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Circle City News Commentary

The Fear Card

Some conservatives, Republicans and Tea Party people love to call you a socialist, Anti-American, commie, and Marxist when you disagree with them. Then they get upset if a you call them a racist because you disagree with them. They claim that liberals, especially Blacks, love playing the “Race Card.” Yet, they love playing the “Fear […]

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Circle City News Commentary

Obit: “In Lieu of Flowers…Beat Obama in 2012”

Why someone would want to mention a person they hate in their obituary is ridiculous to me. He must have died a very unhappy man. It’s interesting that some people really believe that President Obama is a socialist that is “bent on destroying America.” Wow! Essentially, they are saying he worked hard all his life […]

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My Message To The Birthers

I fail to understand how President Barack Obama showing you his birth certificate would change your mind. He showed a copy of his birth certificate on his website, the governor and other State officials confirmed that he was born in Hawaii, his birth was announced in two newspapers; but yet you still refuse to believe […]

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