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Review: Blacked: Ignite vol. 8

The creators of Vixen’s Blacked brand provide four blazing scenes in “Ignite 8.” Rob Piper and Blake Blossom (“On Top”): This scene, in which a young woman uses her body to achieve her goals, is directed by Laurent Sky. Rob Piper is simply better at fucking than Blake Blossom’s boyfriend, thus she chooses to do it […]

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Breaking the Taboos: What Women Really Want in Bed

In a world where conversations about intimacy often remain shrouded in secrecy, we have taken a bold step forward. By peeling away the layers of societal taboos, we aim to shed light on what women truly desire in bed. Our groundbreaking investigation delves into this private realm, unraveling the secrets that have long eluded open […]

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Popular Porn Searches by State in July and August of 2023

Guess What’s Popular in Indiana? According to one of our favorite porn websites, AEBN, they have a list of the most popular porn web word searches. STRAIGHT Porn Popular searches for mature porn stars included India Summer in Massachusetts, Brandi Love in New York and Virginia, and Sally D’Angelo in South Dakota. Some porn searches were more general, but still shows […]

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