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Podcast #3:Circle City News Interviews Joe Capraro

Podcast #3 : Welcome to the City Circle News podcast! We are honored to have our very first guest, Joe Capraro, come on the show today. Joe is a television, radio, podcasting, and print professional. Explore Joe’s work at and on The Sports Plus Show at The news of the day is the […]

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Circle City News Commentary News Opinion

Podcast #2 :Latest Podcast of Circle City News

Podcast #2: Welcome back to the second week of the City Circle News M & M podcast. Today we dish about local Indiana news post-COVID state-wide revenue. We look forward to the 2022 Southern Indiana Pride parade. We follow up movie-set mayhem and vaccine mandates. Have a wonderful weekend Indiana! We hope to see you […]

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Is This a Work of Gay Art?

Do you believe that the bronze David of Donatello should be considered a work of Gay art? What does the possible homosexual eroticism in this statue do for the statue’s meaning? It is unclear if there are absolute subcategories of categories of art. Through time, it proves itself to be a philosophical fallacy. Everything isn’t […]

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