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Obama BC

The real question is not why it took President Obama so long to release his birth certificate.  The real questions are why didn’t the Birthers believe him when he released his first birth certificate? And why are they still not believing the truth?  The facts are clearly not on their side. So,  why do they […]

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Circle City News Commentary

The Supreme Court Rejects Birthers!

I really wish that the United States Supreme Court rejecting another appeal from the Birthers (people believing that President Obama was not born in the United States) would put an end to their claims. Unfortunately, this will not stop them. The truth doesn’t fit into their worldview so they will continue to believe in their […]

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My Message To The Birthers

I fail to understand how President Barack Obama showing you his birth certificate would change your mind. He showed a copy of his birth certificate on his website, the governor and other State officials confirmed that he was born in Hawaii, his birth was announced in two newspapers; but yet you still refuse to believe […]

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Circle City News Commentary

House Speaker Boehner Fails to Criticize the Birthers

On Meet The Press yesterday, Speaker Boehner was asked if he should stand up against the Birthers false belief that our President is a secret Muslim and not a citizen of the United States. Boenhner said it is not his job to tell the American people what to think. The transcripts: MR. GREGORY: As the […]

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