The New Host of The Circle City News!

“Sophia (also known as Sophie) Hochstetler is your new Circle City News host! Listen along each week to learn more about how sexy Indianapolis is! Sophie is your newest source for kinky discussions, upcoming events to get involved in, local communities, and learning more about supporting local sex workers. Usually controversial, always entertaining.

Sophie Hochstetler’s Background

Sophie is an IU journalism graduate. She is passionate about the taboos surrounding sex and the pleasure industry here in conservative Indiana-land. Sophie is also an advocate for sexual assault survivors. She is a born and raised Hoosier, enjoys reading fantasy books, spending time with her cat, and getting dirty outside in nature.”

She pronounces her name, Sophie (so-fee) Hochstetler (hoe-stet-ler). Feel free to email us at


  • Tim

    You are awesome! I think your so sexy!!!

  • Zach

    Sophie looks hot! I love the tie-died shirt. Who is that on there? I hope we get to see her feet like the other host. She sounds exciting and smart.

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