The Law: From Prison to the Street


Mark Nicholson, known as “The Battery Man” because of his focus on criminal battery cases, is a criminal defense and personal injury lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana. Born and raised in New Castle, Indiana, he served in the United States Army and is a combat veteran. While in college, he was involved in a barroom brawl that resulted in murder charges- for which he spent over a decade in prison.

After being released from prison, he was homeless. Although still homeless and on parole from prison, he got accepted into law school and became an attorney. He now practices criminal defense and personal injury law. He is a fierce advocate for his clients and always puts their best interests first.

Despite his difficult past, Mark remains positive and helps others.


“This is a must-read book if you want to know about your rights and prisoners’ rights!” Shanna

Award-winning criminal defense attorney Mark Nicholson provides first-hand knowledge and examples of how police and correctional officers violate your rights daily.

Criminal defense attorney Mark Nicholson knows what it is like inside and outside prison. They say he is the first and only lawyer admitted to the Indiana bar with a major felony conviction. He spent over a decade in prison, including serving time in a Supermax prison.

Do you want to learn about your rights? Do you care about your and the rights of people in prison? This book is about people’s rights in prison and not in prison, a.k.a. “on the street.”

Mark Nicholson’s book offers a great resource to know more about your rights and the rights of others. This book will make you aware of your legal rights and protections.

You deserve to know your rights, and this book will help make that happen. It’s an essential read for anyone who wants to fight for their rights–inside or outside of prison.

Buy this book to learn about the rights you have and what prisoners have. With this knowledge, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from government violations. The Law: From Prison to the Street is a serious topic–get your copy today!


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