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Job Description

Looking for an amazing opportunity to express yourself?  We are looking for our next rock star team member! 

To be successful in this role, you should be well-organized, have excellent time management skills, and act with little to no guidance. Ultimately, you will contribute to the efficiency of our business by providing personalized and timely support to our team.

Please be sure to read below to understand who this job is FOR prior to applying. 

This job is FOR:

  • Someone that is comfortable working with people in the adult entertainment industry
  • Someone who likes talking and writing about sex, race, and politics
  • Someone who is funny or at least likes to laugh
  • Someone who likes to watch movies (including adult movies/porn) and can write or discuss a movie review
  • Someone who likes podcasting, vlogging, or being on social media
  • Someone who likes the news, law, and current events

Work Environment

We work hard but like to have fun. If you have a sense of humor, that is a positive for our work environment.

Responsibilities for Personal Assistant

• Act as the point of contact between team members, clients, guests for a TV show, and other partners

• Manage information flow in a timely and accurate manner

• Manage calendars and set up meetings

• Make travel and accommodation arrangements


• Work experience as an Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant, or similar role

• Excellent MS Office knowledge and Google Docs

• Outstanding organizational and time management skills

• Experience as a host, model, actress, and customer service is helpful

• Excellent verbal and written communications skills

• Discretion and confidentiality

Responsibilities for Content Writer

Job Duties:

Watch and write reviews for movies (including adult) and TV shows

Produce well-researched industry-related content for publication online

Write engaging blogs and articles

Write content that is diverse, and controversial (drugs, porn, abortion, race, sex, politics, religion, music, etc.) and offer alternative viewpoints


Experience writing for different channels including web, email, print, social media, etc.

Excellent writing and proofreading skills, as well as the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively

Ability to grasp new concepts quickly and learn about the industry and the audience

Ability to weave compelling, engaging copy for any style

Strong research capabilities

Outstanding command of the English language

Impressive attention to detail


Only the serious and passionate need to apply. Please apply by sending your cover letter and resume to and provide a link to at least one of your social media profiles.

• Indianapolis, IN 46220: Reliably commute to the office

Job Types: Part-time, Contract, Temporary

Posted by: Jill Hills, Sexpert

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