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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about The Curious Case of Natalia Grace. This is to provide an additional layer of detail to the matter at hand, to clear up some of the confusion based upon the TV show.

  1. Was attorney Mark Nicholson involved in changing the age of Natalia?
    • According to the public court filings, he was not. Nicholson does not practice in that area of the law and has never met the attorney involved in the date of birth change.

2 Did Kristine Barnett have court appointed attorney, Public Defenders?

Yes, Kristine initially hired attorney Nicholson but she was found to be indigent (poor) by the court. Therefore, attorney Nicholson and another attorney were court-appointed to represent her.

3. Did the prosecutors appeal the court’s decision to grant a motion to dismiss several charges against the Barnetts?

Yes, the prosecutors did file an appeal and lost in the court of appeals. They filed for transfer to the Indiana Supreme Court. The Indiana Supreme Court affirmed the lower court’s decision, effectively dealing another defeat to the prosecutors.

4. Was there a hearing regarding changing the date of birth of Natalia?

Initially, no. It was granted based on the filing of documents by the previous attorney (not attorney Nicholson) for the Barnetts.

Later, there was a hearing regarding Natalia’s change of birth. Testimony was given by experts and the court determined that Natalia was an adult, affirming her 1989 date of birth.

5. Did the TV show/documentary, The Curious Case of Natalia Grace, reveal all the facts of the case?

No, there were many facts that were not mentioned in the documentary

6. Did attorney Nicholson represent Michael Barnett?

No, attorney Nicholson never represented Michael Barnett. Attorneys Terrance Kinnard and Vincent Scott represented Michael Barnett and attorney Nicholson was not part of their team. Nor was he a part of the documentary interview with them.

7. Did the DNA results prove that Anna Gava was the birth mother of Natalia Grace?

The DNA results were not independently verified, there were issues with the chain of custody and the results were inadmissible in court.

8. Was Anna Gava given money for claiming to be Natalia’s birth mother?

Yes, there was a report that Ana Gava was paid for her initial interview(s) claiming to be the birth mother of Natalia.

9. Was attorney Nicholson paid for the use of the deposition in The Curious Case of Natalia Grace?

No, attorney Nicholson did not request nor was he offered any money.

10. Who provided documents in the documentary?

The documents were released by the prosecutors, Michael Barnett, his attorney and Natalia Grace. Attorney Nicholson did not release any documents.

11. Did the X-Rays prove Natalia’s date of birth?

No, the X-Rays didn’t prove Natalia’s date of birth. Natalia suffered from a bone disorder that impacted the growth of her bones.

12. Did attorney Nicholson claim that the prosecutors lied to the court?

Yes, in his motion to dismiss filing and in court he claimed the prosecutors were lying to the court and he could prove it.

13. Did Kristine and Michael Barnett choose the new date of birth for Natalia Barnett?

No, the Barnetts did not choose the date of birth of Natalia.

14. Did police Detective Clouse tell the Barnetts to hire an attorney to re-age Natalia?

Yes, according to the police reports he wrote.

15. Did police Detective Clouse suggest they hire attorney Michele Jackson to re-age Natalia?

Yes, according to the police reports he wrote, and public court documents.

16. Is the original prosecutor, Jackie Starbuck, still working for the Tippecanoe prosecutor’s office?

No, as the writing of the post, she was relieved of her duties. Whether it was voluntary or involuntarily we do not know.

17. Did Kristine Barnett’s attorney violate any ethics rules during the representation of Kristine Barnett?

No. Some people may not like the outcome of the case but the law was followed and reviewed by various courts over a period of several years.

18. Did the jury want to convict Kristine Barnett?

No, Kristine Barnett’s case never went to trial. The prosecutors dismissed her case due to a lack of evidence to prove their case.

19. Who represents Kristine Barnett now?

After her case was dismissed, attorney Nicholson’s court appointment ended. Currently, it is not know if she has an attorney representing her.

20. Is there more to come?

Yes, Natalia Barnett is going to give her version of events this summer. Then there will be a movie with Ellen Pompeo scheduled to play Kristine Barnett and Imogen Reid is supposed to play Natalia.


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