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International Sex Worker’s Day is an important day of recognition for sex workers around the world. On June 2nd each year, International Whores’ Day (also known as International Sex Workers’ Day) honours sex workers and recognizes their often unrecognized contributions to society.

The event commemorates the occupation of Église Saint-Nizier in Lyon by more than a hundred sex workers on June 2, 1975 to draw attention to their inhumane working conditions. Since then, it has become a benchmark day for sex workers all over the globe as International Whores’ Day prompts protests and celebrations every year. The day is marked by rallies, marches, and other events that are organized to raise awareness about issues faced by sex workers such as access to justice and human rights violations.

The theme of Access to Justice is particularly relevant this year as many countries have seen an increase in violence against sex workers due to the pandemic. In addition, many countries have seen a decrease in access to healthcare services which has further exacerbated existing health disparities among sex workers.

It is important that we recognize the resilience of sex workers and their strength in fighting for their rights during these difficult times. We must also ensure that they are provided with adequate support and resources so that they can continue to live safely and with dignity.

International Sex Worker’s Day is an opportunity for us to come together and show our solidarity with those who are often marginalized or overlooked within our societies. Let us use this day to celebrate the lives of those who work hard every day just trying to make ends meet while facing discrimination from all sides.


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