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According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, police are looking into a shooting that took place involving officers Saturday night on the city’s near east side.

Lt. Shane Foley, IMPD’s public information officer, said authorities discovered a stolen black Ford F250 pickup truck close to Campbell Avenue and 19th Street. Before stopping, backing up, and striking an IMPD car, rendering it immobile, the truck was being chased by police. The police officer inside the car was transferred to a nearby hospital for treatment of minor head wounds.

Officers found the stolen car soon after and made an effort to stop it, but the pursuit continued in the 300 block of Poplar Road, close to Michigan and Emerson. The truck came to a stop, backed up, struck another IMPD vehicle, rendering it inoperable, then struck a third IMPD vehicle once more. Both of the officers inside the car were transported to a hospital for treatment after suffering minor wounds.

Foley claims that at some point, two officers opened fire, striking the male driver of the stolen truck, who then started providing help. The patient was transferred to the hospital and is now recovering.

A stolen handgun was also discovered inside the truck, according to IMPD. The event was recorded by several active body cameras currently being examined.

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