Courtney Tillia and Nick Tillia. Courtney is a former teacher and now top a OnlyFans model.

Circle City News: Former Teachers Now Top OnlyFans Producers!

She’s making teaching popular on the internet.

Courtney Tillia, a former teacher for special needs children, has replaced the meager salary she earned in front of the chalkboard with a staggering six-figure income from taking sexy pictures for OnlyFans.

The 33-year-old Arizona native explained her radical career move to Sarah Juree on the Circle City News. Tillia is a wife and a mother of four who is merely trying to make ends meet in addition to posing in racy lingerie photos and naughty-girl nudes for her 200,000 internet followers.

Former Teacher Courtney Tillia and Nick Tillia

Photo Credit: Courtney and Nick Tillia

Courtney Tillia, an ONLYFANS model and mother of two, said she left teaching because she was having financial trouble and felt undervalued in her line of work.

After her husband, Nick Tillia, genuinely encouraged her to pursue her passion, the 34-year-old model now earns 12 times what she was paid before.
She claimed that she felt imprisoned having to spend money on schooling in order to simply get paid more. She started working at a gym because she was so depressed and her spouse asked her what she wanted to do because she was so lost and unhappy.

After graduating from Arizona State University, the personal trainer started working with women. As a result, she added life coaching to her list of offerings.

She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

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