The Beauty of Female Feet

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I love a man that appreciates the beauty of female feet and has a foot fetish! When it comes to female beauty, there are many popular female body parts that most men find attractive. Some of these female body parts can be unusual, such as female elbow hair or female knees. However, a woman’s feet are not only attractive but they’re also very common and universal around the world. In fact, research shows that nearly all men are aroused by feet.

Female Breasts

While female breasts have come to be seen as the universal symbol of female beauty,  feet are no less attractive or arousing. Whether you’re a woman or a man, at some point in your life you’ve probably found yourself attracted to female feet. The extremely high arch, feminine toes, and smooth skin are just some of the things that make female feet incredibly beautiful. There’s nothing quite like seeing a female foot in high heels either, which is why feet are so arousing to most people.

So what exactly makes female feet so attractive? It goes back to human evolution. Millions of years ago during the early days of humanity, female feet were used for walking and running. This gradually lead to female feet becoming smaller, which is known as a “high arch.” As female feet became high arched, it allowed women to be able to run faster and more efficiently than men could.

During that time, they were also an important sign of female fertility. The smooth skin and shapely arches of female feet looked like the female body of a healthy woman, which is why female feet became so arousing during that time.

Modern Times

Fast forward to today and feet are still considered by most men to be incredibly attractive. Many female models show off their high arched female feet in magazines and on television, which can make them even more desirable and arousing.

However, female feet today are not only considered beautiful but they’re also seen as sexy. Most female models show off their feet in high heels or other types of male pleasing shoes that show off the female arch and heel. This is why female feet can actually be very sexual, even though most people don’t realize it at first.

In fact, female feet have been seen as a sexual body part since ancient times. Many societies, female feet are still used as a sign of sexuality and female beauty to this day. There are parts of Africa for example, female feet are often considered to be the most attractive female body part because they’re smooth and high arched.

In many parts of Asia, female feet are still used as a symbol of female sexuality and beauty. In Japan, for example, female feet with high arches and smooth skin are seen as a sign of female youthfulness and fertility. This has led to the popularity of female foot fetishes in parts of Asia that focus on female in high heels.


Foot fetishists often enjoy foot play with their partner.  They find it sexually arousing and may give a foot massage or receive a footjob. I love giving my partner a footjob. He loves it and I love how his penis feels good between my high arches.  It feels like I’m receiving a foot massage as his hard cock goes between my toes and slides against my arches.

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By: Jill Hills, Sexpert


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