Dope Souls

Sarah Juree interviews Stephen C Hogan from Dope Souls. You can listen/watch the interview here.

A company that spreads happiness

Dope Souls is a social media account that sends out positive quotes and memes. This helps people start their day off right. The company was created with the idea that if everyone should start their day with a good message. Dope Souls believes that it’s important to share happiness with others and they are working to make sure that everyone has access to positivity. Founder of Dope Souls, Stephen Hogan, started the company and it has since grown into something wonderful. He hopes to continue sending out positive messages and making people happy every single day.

Circle City News recently discovered the account Dope Souls on Instagram and we are obsessed! This account is dedicated to posting positive quotes that create positive memes. The messages are simple, but they have the power to change your day for the better. We had a chance to speak with the founder of Dope Souls and he told us that his goal is to spread as much happiness as possible. Thanks for giving us all something to smile about, Dope Souls! Keep it up!

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