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OnlyFans Supermodel: Sarah Juree

So many people are curious about what It’s like to be an e-sex worker on an Onlyfans page. People of varying opinions that have never been on the platform have solidified opinions about the site. I get asked all the time if I’m treated poorly by the subscribers. Given that I had only been on the site a few weeks before I got fired from my teaching job for having my page, I really didn’t know what to expect. Over the past six months of being a model on the platform I have more experience to share.

This platform became very popular all over the world due to Covid mandates that kept people isolated. We are designed for social, emotional and sexual connection. This connection was found through OnlyFans. People have a private, safe, secret and virtual way to express their sexual, emotional and social needs. Many single and lonely people still find the platform to help fill these needs either temporarily or in more long term ways.

Almost everyone is participating in this on various social media platforms from married couples to single. Check people’s phones and you will see this is not only culturally accepted but also morally. Although there is still a stigma for the content makers, I often hear stigmas about the fans on the site as well.

The most surprising part of being on the platform is the connections formed in the direct messages. The men who subscribe to my page have been overwhelmingly the most kind, respectful, consensual and supportive men I’ve ever interacted with. These men often get labeled as simps but Onlyfans is the place nice guys finish first. It is as much a social, emotional and mental health page for men as it is a virtual sex site.

Secret Lips

More Secrets!

Yes, some men are just on the page for the content but once you start messaging you learn so many stories about why they are on the platform and the challenges they are going through in their own lives. I have had fans who are recent widows, fans with  spouses who have an illness that makes initiating sex difficult, some are in unhappy marriages, others are single and tired of the dating sites. A few of my fans are secret cross dressers who love to share photos of themselves in lingerie with me. Some fans are struggling with their own mental health issues and I check in with them personally.

Some are in their early 20’s and have  a secret MILF fantasy. A few have confessed they are virgins who are enjoying the benefits of video chats with me to build some confidence. I love the couples who join and subscribe to my page together. It’s so exciting to have couples on my page exploring their sex life together.

Overall, the fans on my page have been supportive and kind. I’ve only had to use the block button a few times but far less than a regular social media page. It’s been a joy to make connections and friendships with these men. They get to be a part of my journey in real time and get to know me as well. I get to bring my whole self to my page. The sexy, the horny, the fierce, confident and vulnerable woman. And my fans get to do the same. It’s an honor to get to know my fans and to share how amazing these men are that support me by subscribing to my page.


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