Jenny and Rico from OnlyFans

Photo courtesy of Jenny and Rico

In this exclusive interview, Circle City News sits down with Jenny and Rico from Onlyfans to discuss how they went from being Jehovah’s Witnesses to creating adult content on the popular subscription platform. The two open up about their experiences in the Witness community, what led them to start making porn, and why they believe that Onlyfans is the best place for them to share their content. They also offer some advice for anyone considering starting a career in the adult entertainment industry. This interview is sure to get you hot and bothered! Thanks for watching!


  • Hard on!

    I love this podcast. It was so cool. Wow! If anyone needs me, I’ll be re-watching the epicly sexy Jenny and Rico interview for days. I Couldn’t help but be drawn in by their tantalizing energy during the Jenny and Rico interview…amazing!

  • Zach

    Can’t believe how much I enjoyed watching Jenny and Rico’s interview – it was so entertaining. I love Jenny’s feet. They are so sexy and cute. The host is so hot, too

  • Sheila S

    People said it couldn’t be done. But, Jenny & Rico came a long way with their amazing story. Amazing Superhuman dedication.

    I want to get on Onlyfans and create some fun stuff but I’m too scared. I may lose my day job.

    But I salute people like Jenny and Sarah that aren’t afraid to go after their dreams.

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