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It’s time to discuss healthy conversations around sex and sexuality. The deep shame people have around sex, the deep wounds inside that must be investigated to be fully healed begins with being free to openly discuss all of it. To empower women around their bodies and their powerful sexual energy! This is a story of a woman.

As a woman who has been single 5 years, she has not had a regular, consistent or loving sexual partner for half a decade. She is spiritual and has been on a healing journey reclaiming her body. Now, she is empowered to reclaim her sexual energy. Moreover, the woman wants to make her journey open, free and transparent so other women will be given permission to become free as well. The time for shaming women and bullying them into submission is over.

Hook Up Culture

The woman does not like to participate in the hook up culture that dating sites have created. She knows the energetic ties created by a sexual and intimate encounter. She chooses to be responsible with her sexual energy by being celibate most of these 5 years. The times she tried dating through dating apps created many wounds around sex feeling like she was treated like a consumable on dating sites for men to manipulate. Using her desire for love and connection as an easy target to use and discard for before hopping right back on the dating site to find the next gullible woman.

This has been a disheartening and devastating experience that over and over that has left her hurt and very guarded and protective of myself with men.

would like to give a positive and refreshing perspective to OnlyFans. Therefore, OnlyFans has created a private and safe sex platform, especially for single people who do not wish to participate in the hook up culture. This is healthy for people who would like to express their sexuality and desires in ways that are not manipulative or harmful towards others. They are not out getting women pregnant! (ProLIFERS, take note). They are not out spreading sexual diseases in the community. Virtual sex is the safest sex a single person can have.

However, Being a content producer is a beautiful way for her to also open her heart space. She can be a loving, nurturing and playful soul to men who are seeking connection with a kind woman such as herself. A healing space for men who may have issues themselves around sex or simply need a confidence boost.

Sexuality Healing

If you are doing any healing work, you know that you may have mother and/or father wounds that affect your attachment style and ability to have healthy relationships with the opposite sex. The truth is that to heal those wounds, healing must happen with sacred, kind, and open encounters with the opposite sex. It can’t be done in a silo. Sarah has avoided being in a toxic or harmful relationship in my 5 years being single, but still has sexual desires. She  desires loving connection. She is a beautiful human being and sex is part of the incarnation. It should be joyful and fun, loving and safe.

Additionally, Onlyfans has also created an empowering platform for women to create an unlimited financial income for themselves. Unlike being exploited on dating sites and being used for her images and targeted as an easy woman to take on a date and get free sex. She is now part of the energy exchange. She is now empowered.

Woman Boss

Women can now become their own boss and be able to manage their own platform, pages and images. This platform will help her end the poverty cycle being a single mom and teacher has put her in.

She hopes to create a platform to have thoughtful and healing conversions around sex and sexuality. We all have our own opinions on things based on the programming and traumas we have endured. There are many truths to a situation. She believes in the truth of the highest good, the most beautiful and loving truth for herself and all humans. We are all here to walk each other home as we navigate being spiritual souls in this human body. Let us not forget to use the body to experience the most delicious and satisfying joy. Joy that includes being comfortable and responsible with our sexual energy. Be kind to yourself and others. You deserve every bit of love, joy, abundance and great SEX that your heart and body can hold.

By: Sarah Juree


  • Zack

    This another great article by Sarah J. She’s is just as smart as she is beautiful!

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