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A Brief History of Christmas Wishes
Blog Introduction: ‘Tis the season, and while we all love exchanging presents and decorating our homes, nothing quite says “Happy Holidays” like a heartfelt Christmas wish. But where did this tradition come from? Let’s take a look at the origins of Christmas wishes, and why they remain such an integral part of the holiday season.

Merry Christmas
The history of wishing someone “Merry Christmas” is actually quite old but can’t be pinpointed on exactly when. It dates back to at least 1534,  when a letter from bishop John Fisher to Henry VIII’s chief minister Thomas Cromwell. The English playwright Thomas Nashe wrote his classic play Summers Last Will and Testament. In it, he wrote about a character who wished another person a “Merry Christmas.” This may have marked the first time that phrase was used in literature. However, I haven’t been able to confirm that. I do know that the English Christmas carol, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” was introduced in the 1500s.

Fast-forward to today, and wishing someone “Merry Christmas” is even more popular than ever. It’s the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care – not just during the holiday season but throughout the year as well. From family gatherings to office parties, no holiday celebration is complete without some festive wishes!

But what if you want to wish someone something a little more unique? Personalized messages are always appreciated! Whether you’re sending an e-card or writing a letter, try adding meaningful details that reflect your relationship with the recipient. For example, you could add their favorite color or share fond memories from past holidays together. The possibilities are endless!

Holiday Cheer
No matter how you choose to express your holiday cheer this season, be sure to make it special! Take time out of your busy schedule to show those close to you how much they mean to you by offering them personalized Christmas wishes that come straight from your heart. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas is one of the best ways to spread joy during this festive time of year!


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