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As many Americans own dogs, it is important to recognize how they are feeling. These feelings may interfere with their health or appetite. Recent studies show that stress may go unrecognized in dogs.
There are common stress inducers such as fireworks, thunderstorms, or particular people. Although they may not be able to verbally tell us when they are stressed, there are many ways to visually see when a dog is stressed.


A dog may begin pacing back and forth. For most, this sign is most common prior to eating a meal or going outside. However, when not linked to a particular characteristic it may be stress-induced. It provides focus, or a distraction to ease the stress inducer.  This should be noted for a better understanding of the dog’s behavior. Unfortunately, age plays a part in this as well. If the dog is rather on the old side of the age scale, it may be a signal of dementia.

Barking & Whining

Another common indication of stress may be frequent barking or whining. Again, if there is no key link behind the act, it could be that they are trying to say they are stressed or anxious. Some owners may implement a punishment for bad behavior. In the event this occurs, it will be more difficult to look out for the dog’s health.


A more obvious sign of discomfort is growling. It comes across as aggressive unwanted behavior, but it is for a reason. This reason may be a preemptive warning sign of worse behavior. It is best to properly utilize a distraction to minimize any future damage. Growling is easy to recognize as a method of communication, but it must be handled efficiently.

New Signs

The new study was found by The University of California. It surrounds the concept of the high magnitude of hearing in dogs. For example, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, and smoke detectors. These are all commonly used items that most people would not link to induce stress in their dog. A dog’s reaction may include shaking, locking up, or cowering away.


While pet owners rely on their furry-legged animals for comfort, our furry-legged friends rely on owners to create the best possible habitat for them. All these items tend to be used on a frequent basis. Hence, it is best to look at the dog and decide on a remedy for the situation. Short-term distractions such as toys or walks are great. However, perhaps a sibling may be a long-term distraction. If these symptoms continue to persist, a trip to a local veterinarian may be the most beneficial to understanding.

By: Dulce Crane, Legal Assistant.


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