Alex Jones from Infowars
Alex Jones in court

Alex Jones, the conspiratorial conspiracy theorist, has lost his trial. The jury ruled against him on Monday, and his trial was a complete travesty. He lied about a sexting scandal that has now blown up in his face, and his own legal team failed him. It is time for Alex Jones to step aside and give the families of Sandy Hook, Newtown and other victims of mass shootings a fresh start.

The infamous conspiracy theorist, who founded InfoWars, has lost his latest trial. A jury found him guilty of spreading lies about the Sandy Hook school shooting, a mass shooting that killed 20 children and six adults. The jury found Jones liable for $4.11 million in damages, and the Sandy Hook families were awarded $3.33 million. In addition to these losses, the verdict will likely lead to more lawsuits against Jones.

Although the judge ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, Jones can’t argue that his statements are protected by the first amendment. Moreover, the jury’s first instinct may be to punish Jones more severely than it deserves, since the Sandy Hook murderers allegedly staged the attack to promote gun control. Consequently, Jones’ lawyers may not be able to convince the jury that his statements are only hyperbolic opinion or exaggerations.

During the opening arguments, Reynal referred to himself as ‘Perry Mason,’ an expert in winning defamation trials by convincing witnesses to confess to crimes. Bankston even asked Jones if he knew the definition of perjury. Jones responded by saying that he did not. He then sat down with a handwritten definition of perjury. Jones then lost his appeal.


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