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updated February 2023

I Sell Foot Pics and Make Money

I’m going to tell you how to sell feet pictures online to make money, honey! There are many locations to legally buy and sell foot images in America, but online is the most convenient. I’ll explain to you how to sell pictures of feet online. I want you to understand how to profit from selling images of feet. 

How can you sell your foot online and make hundreds of dollars? Selling my feet online brought in roughly $70,000 for me. I never had to expose my face or any other body part, nor did I have to give out any personal information like my actual name, home address, or email.

Over 1,500 images of feet are available for purchase on the reputable website Etsy. On this marketplace, most photos cost $10 or more. 

On Instafee.com you can set your price, post material, and establish a profile. After creating your seller profile, you can begin publishing your photographs. 

One of my favorite websites, Feetfinder.com, is another location to sell pics of feet. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are other platforms via which you can advertise yourself.

Combining Pictures

Bundling or combining photosets allows you to charge more than you would for a single image with little additional work. If you execute it correctly, your customers will think they are getting a deal and frequently choose the more expensive bundle rather than just one photo.

You may join public groups on Kik, a mobile messaging software, to send instant messages to users and participate in what are effectively chat rooms. You may find public feet groups using the search option, join them, share your images, and begin generating leads from there.

Foot pics of three women

Making $7,000 Per Month Online Selling Photos of Feet

Selling foot pictures is an easy side hustle and it is legal. Try OnlyFans if you’re having trouble with other websites or don’t have a fan base to help you promote yourself. It has a big network of enthusiastic individuals about buying, selling, subscribing to, and following anything related to feet. 

You decide how much to charge for a monthly subscription. People cannot sell the identical original photos or videos elsewhere. Before a buyer makes a purchase, you can blur the visuals.

Once authenticated, you can post pictures, tag them with the appropriate category, and describe the setting. If you are a novice, it is prudent to set lesser prices.

Depending on how much work you want to put in, how many followers you have, and how in-demand you are, you may expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $500 or more per photo or bundle. Utilize a free image editor like Canva to always add a watermark to your photographs.

Become a Member of a Foot Fetish Group to Gain Fans

Create an account to join social media platforms. Join one of the many Facebook groups dedicated to foot fetishes and selling feet pics. To get a sense of the group’s vibe, browse through them. 

Be sure to read the group guidelines to avoid being banned for your first post. You won’t need to go out and find people if you have fans and following because they will come to you. This can bring you a potential buyer.

You must inform potential customers if you are in the feet-selling business. You can achieve this by promoting your company on other social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Make a Facebook page or a blog.

Another tried-and-true method of making money while blogging about feet is by placing adverts on your blog. On Etsy, you might see that many vendors have had luck selling feet images and earning money there. Once their identities have been verified, vendors can begin selling feet pictures on the website after approval.

Men and women who sell images of themselves are quickly gaining popularity and, well, making money. I am unsure of the number of foot picture buyers and sellers because most use aliases to conceal their identity. Using a page makes it simpler to connect with more of your prospective Facebook users. Data about the performance of your page will be available, allowing you to make improvements.

First, request payment.

Request payment in advance of sending any images of your feet. Giving up a free sample allows customers to choose the type of feet pictures they want to purchase. It is also a quick way to gather supporters.

When you post your photos, you can blur them; customers get the original, unblurred image when they buy your feet pictures. Consider conducting a quick internet search on how to capture images of feet to improve your feet photos.  

You can increase your regular income by adding the proceeds from your foot business.

Choose the Proper Platform to Sell Feet Pics

Choose three or four platforms to sell your feet pics online. Find ones you think will work for you and be active on them. Joining many platforms can help you stand out and increase your earnings from feet picture sales. 

Additionally, you might incorporate a storefront right inside your blog, allowing visitors to buy photographs from you without ever leaving. It’s important to remember that unlike other websites, which are controlled, scammers will exist, and it’s up to you to take safeguards.

Here are a few locations where you can market and sell your feet.

1. FeetFinder (we highly recommend following them as the best website to view, buy and sell feet pics)

2. Facebook

3. OnlyFans (we recommend subscribing to Sarah Juree, Neveah Chanel and Paintytoes1

4. Instagram (we recommend following Sarah Juree and Paintyto35)

5. Craigslist

6. TikTok

7. Snapchat

8. DollarFeet

9. Etsy

10. Zazzle

11. Shutterstock

12. Whisper

13. Foap

14. Tumblr

15. Feetify

16. Instafeet

17. Patreon

Standard Media Purchases Foot Images

Publishers and news organizations occasionally purchase foot images, mainly when writing about feet or producing an article that calls for a foot image. Foot models make a lot of money. To make your foot photographs stand out, you must use creativity. 

Because they are more visible, Snapchat and Instagram are ideal for selling feet photos, and online stores offer stock pictures. A website called Foap will share your images with its affiliates, including Getty Images.

Those who have a foot fetish, therefore, desire to purchase images of feet. For those folks, pictures of your feet have some erotic appeal, and they are willing to pay for it. Selling feet photos has the cool feature of allowing you to sell one image to numerous different customers.


I enjoy how simple it is to use, and I’ve used Feetfinder to sell photos of my feet. Your height and weight are asked for on the model application form. Photos taken with Feet Finder are automatically blurred and given to prospective customers as a preview before purchase.

Apply lotion, touch up your nail polish, and remove any toe rings, temporary tattoos, jewelry, etc., before you start filming. If you are going to sell feet pics to earn extra money you want to make sure have the proper foot care.

Additionally, you can actively look for potential customers who place “wanted” advertising and approach them directly. Once more, it’s all about the keywords, so utilize a straightforward header and description that outlines your offering. Your personal page, photos, and all of your other content needs to be optimized using tags and keyword-rich descriptions.

The Negatives

All of these strategies for marketing feet have advantages and disadvantages. Some of these methods need more setup and technical skill, but they are potentially lucrative ways to monetize your Instagram foot photos. Whatever platforms you choose, you aim to grow a fan base for your feet photos. Simply conduct a fast search on YouTube to see hundreds of recordings of individuals who have attempted to sell images of their feet for money.

Try to maintain soft, clean feet. However, some people prefer having rough feet. You should spend a little cash on pedicures, foot scrubs, and masks. 

Your feet are more likely to sell if they appear better. You must safeguard your feet as a priceless asset and money-making machine if you make them a part of your business.

Some might believe there are only a few options for photographing your feet. Stay away from boring routines, change the scene and use your imagination. I enjoy taking images of my feet while traveling, occasionally in open settings like restaurants, the beach, and even in the snow. 

Buyers have requested that I wear specific footwear, have fake tattoos, step in mud, be tied up, and perform other actions that I doubt my editor will approve of (see my other article that he barely approved). Of course, you ought to charge more for these unique photos of your feet.

It’s vital to remember that many people have a love of feet, including some of the most everyday people you know. It’s not strange or unusual; if you are approaching it that way, you shouldn’t be walking your feet down this road.

Written by: Jill Hills, Sexpert

Jill Hills foot in high heels

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