Guess What? It’s Nationwide Masturbation Month!

Yes, it’s a thing! May 7th is designated as International Masturbation Day. And May itself is known as Masturbation Month.

It all goes back to then-President Bill Clinton, who fired then-surgeon general Joycelyn Elders in 1994 for saying that masturbation should be a part of sex education. She was the first African-American Surgeon General of the United States. Also, she was ahead of her time when it came to intimacy.

The following year, San Francisco sex shop, Good Vibrations, called for a nationwide occasion to have the right to masturbate on May 7, 1995, as the first National Masturbation Day. It expanded to International Masturbation Day then to an entire month.

National Masturbation Month celebrates the act of masturbation as a type of self-love and continued self-exploration, which are two of the many benefits of the act. It wasn’t too way back that topics of sex and masturbation were considered taboo.

In truth, we owe the culture and ability to talk about such topics overtly and unfold data and consciousness to important figures in the past. And apart from the sheer fun of it, here’s a breakdown of how masturbation could be helpful to both your bodily and emotional health.

Benefits of Masturbation

During masturbation dopamine and oxytocin launch to lift your spirits, boost your satisfaction, and activate the reward circuits in your brain. You don’t have to be with someone else to feel good, and a personal solo session can do the trick.

As you age, you lose muscle tone – even down there. Regular masturbation or sex can help strengthen the pelvic ground muscular tissues to help stop erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

National Masturbation Month is an annual event celebrated in May to promote sex-positive attitudes towards the practice of erotic self-stimulation. Including your companion if you masturbate feels attractive, a little bit naughty, and like you are sharing one thing way more intimate than sex – it’s bare, raw, and is completely centered on the prize.

Self-Love and Happy Endings

Self-love is not just for so-called unhealthy people. Everyone deserves a happy ending. I am inclined to have horrendous menstrual cramps, and I also get super-horny during that point of the month. If I masturbate throughout my cycle, it’s a much less painful experience. I don’t know if it’s the discharge of muscle tension or a total redirect of pain; however, it’s a win-win state of affairs that helps.

Coverage of International Masturbation Month in the U.S. has been way scantier than in many other nations and sometimes much less substantive. This nation continues to live in its prudish, Puritan history.

One needs only to look at the release of the draft Supreme Court opinion on abortion. Embrace your curiosities and re-discover your body. If masturbation isn’t your thing, that’s a-OK too. When it involves sex, you must by no means ever do anything that makes you’re feeling uncomfortable.

Know Thyself

Self-Love is getting to know your physique and is extremely empowering. Once you feel great about your body, you can appreciate yourself and what you can give to a companion.

Gather your necessities, whether toys or porn or a water bottle and snacks, and make yourself comfortable where you’re not likely to be interrupted. Take your time, and enjoy the pleasure of knowing thyself through self-pleasure.

I’m not afraid to confess I masturbate or discuss what turns me on sexually, whether porn, intercourse, toys, or dirty talk. It’s perfectly normal to engage in all-about-me time as much — or as little — as you’d like, and the most necessary thing is taking time to prioritize your pleasure. Above all, it feels pretty damn good.

Give Yourselves A Hand

Whether you have a companion or not, self-pleasure is vital to figuring out what you want, having nice sex, and feeling healthy. When I first turned sexually energetic, I shortly realized that the only individual responsible for my pleasure was me. Sure, I enjoyed companion participation and communicating what did and didn’t feel good; however, the onus of my orgasm fell on me. Knowing I might give myself such pleasure without the danger of STIs, being pregnant or under pressure from another individual was a powerful experience.

Women who masturbate and experiment with themselves know what they like and don’t like in sex. Using a sex toy may help with this process too. In turn, you’ll be able to guide your partner for a more enriching sexual encounter.

So give yourself a hand and Masturbate in May

By: Jill Hills, Sexpert


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