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Good morning Indiana, we are proud to welcome you to our last digital podcast together! Great things in the works here at Circle City News. We are moving to TV! Be sure to watch as we transition our show from here to there.

Mark talked about Will Smith’s infamous smack at the Academy Awards and how that can divert attention from important and pressing achievements. We talked in a prolonged discussion about Canada and the pope’s plans to apologize to Native communities whose children it forced to attend “residential schools.” The abuse accounted for by these communities is documented on 60 Minutes, with the link to that article and video listed below. Please check out that video and raise awareness for Native peoples who -to this day- receive abuse by whitewashed government. No matter how you feel about your local and federal systems, at the end of the day, Natives have not and are still not treated with the prestige, respect and admiration they deserve.

Lastly, Neveah and the team discuss the first annual Met Gala in honor of raising money for local foster kids and the foster care program. If you or someone you know is interested in making a donation, send us an email and Neveah will get you covered.

From all of us here at Circle City News, we thank you for following us through this podcast. We thank Mark Nicholson of The Law Office of Mark Nicholson, who provided this platform to swap stories, opinions and make our big world feel a little more connected. We can’t wait to see what the next phase of this show has in store and we look forward to bringing it to you by Summer. Until next time, Indiana, stay safe and have a wonderful, prosperous spring time.

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Thank you to our sponsor Attorney Mark Nicholson of the Law Office of Mark Nicholson for making this podcast possible. Listen or watch us on Facebook, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and other places that play fine podcasts. Or visit our blog at


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