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Nurse ready to give Prostate massage
Woman putting protective gloves on her hand.

I love gifting a prostate massage and if I had one I’m sure I would love to receive one of many. While you may already know about the G-spot for women, you should also know about the P-spot for men. The P-spot, simply called the prostate gland, is a small organ that wraps around the male urethra, about the same size as a walnut.

Yet despite its size, the prostate is responsible for many functions to your body, one of which is stimulating orgasms. A growing number of individuals are beginning to see the benefits of this massage and the pleasure that comes with a prostate orgasm.

This massage can be an incredibly pleasurable experience for men. It’s a way to unlock a whole new level of pleasure by stimulating the prostate gland, which can lead to powerful orgasms. If you’re interested in exploring the sensuality and pleasure of this with your partner, then read on to learn more about this intimate activity.

What Is It?

Prostate massage, also known as prostate milking, is the act of inserting a finger into the rectum and stimulating the prostate gland. The objective of this approach is the release of seminal fluid, or prostatic fluid, which some medical experts believe could help with inflammation.

Besides the medical benefits of this anal penetration, prostate milking can also be used to stimulate sexual experiences – whether by yourself or with your partner.

When giving a the massage, it is best to use lubricant such as coconut oil or water-based lube. Start by gently inserting your finger or toy into the anus until you reach the gland. Apply pressure and use circular motions around the gland until you feel comfortable with what you are doing. You can also try different speeds, pressures, and motions while massaging the prostate to find out what works best for your partner. Once they reach orgasm, remove your finger or toy from their body and allow them time to relax afterwards.

Prostate drawing
Prostate Drawing

The Benefits

These are the following benefits that you can get from a prostate massage:

  • It may help in preventing prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction
  • Releasing powerful orgasms
  • Achieving and maintaining a more robust erection
  • Exploring role-reversal scenarios through pegging

The advantages listed above are just a few examples of what you can get from having a prostate massage. Not only is the act a healthy approach in potentially preventing prostate cancer, but you may also have better sexual experiences with your loved one in the bedroom.

This massage is an incredibly intimate, pleasurable, and stimulating experience. It can bring arousal and satisfaction unlike any other type of massage. With the massage, the gland is gently and sensually massaged with skilled hands. This can lead to intense pleasure and even orgasmic release. I love doing this to my partner!

You should give prostate milking a try and see for yourself how it positively affects your mind and body. The best thing about this massage is that you can always gift it to yourself if you don’t have a partner.

If my editor allows me, I plan to post additional articles about the power and pleasure of prostate massages.

By: Jill Hills, Sexpert

Jill Hills in heels
Jill Hills in heels


  • BW

    I would love for Neveh to give or as you call it “gift” me a prostate massage. I’ve never had my prostate milked before but after reading this article I’m willing to give it a try.

  • Lance

    I forgot you weren’t doing a show today. I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas to Madison and Neveah. I really love your show. I love the topics and the guests are interesting. But I’m still hoping to see more feet pics of Madison. Neveah, I love your feet and please keep the pics coming. Who is Jill? Is she on Onlyfans, too? Please tell her that she has some really pretty feet.


  • Wendy

    I thought there was going to be a show yesterday? I planned to listen to the podcast while I cooked Christmas dinner. I missed hearing Madison and Mark. They seem to get along well together. I hope they can keep the show going. Please keep it going.

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