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Podcast #5: Circle City News

Welcome back to Indiana’s Circle City News Podcast. Today we welcome an Indiana local guest co-host named Neveah. We dive into local indie government ambitions. A potential increase of Chicago Police officers may be taking refuge in Indianapolis to evade federal vaccine mandates. Senator Mike Braun says, “Welcome to Indiana!” IndyGo offers free bus rides […]

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Review and Analysis of the Netflix Series: “Squid Game”

By: Natanya Faitelson Memes It started out with the memes. The close-up image of a doll with the caption: “green light, red light” which at first I did not understand. Then came the multiple messages from my group of friends, “you need to watch,” “it’s crazy and so addicting.” A couple days later I gave […]

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October: National Cyberbullying Prevention Month

Last month was National Cyberbullying Prevention Month It is difficult to remember a time in which bullying was not a prevalent issue in schools. From name-calling, aggressive behavior, intimidation, teasing, and the list goes on. However, in recent times we have had the abrupt introduction of social media and cell phones enhancing the severity of […]

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Hello, Joe Capraro!

Yesterday, Joe Capraro was our special first guest on the Circle City News. Joe has a background in television, radio, podcasting, and print. He has a BA in Journalism from the University of Massachusetts, and a MA in Journalism from Univeristy of Texas. He is the host and producer of The Sports Plus Show, an […]

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Podcast #3:Circle City News Interviews Joe Capraro

Podcast #3 : Welcome to the City Circle News podcast! We are honored to have our very first guest, Joe Capraro, come on the show today. Joe is a television, radio, podcasting, and print professional. Explore Joe’s work at and on The Sports Plus Show at The news of the day is the […]

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