Podcast #1: Circle City News with M & M

Welcome to Indianapolis’ very own Circle City News M & M Podcast, brought to you and sponsored by the Law Office of Mark Nicholson.

It is Saturday, Oct. 30, 2021, and we’d like to lend a big thank you to Indiana’s local Circle City Ghostbusters for keeping our streets paranormal-free this autumn.

Photo of Circle City Ghostbusters by Dave Franklin
Circle City Ghostbusters

Today’s podcast touches on local and national issues involving the BMV, Alec Baldwin, Samhain, and baring down on Halloween – OH MY!

We look forward to dishing you the latest topical stories and tribulations every Saturday.

Thank you for your support! Have yourself a wonderful, spooky weekend and we’ll see you next week! M & M signing off

About Circle City News

The opinions expressed are intended to encourage debate, alternative viewpoints and a deeper understanding of events. The articles are educational, informational, and sometimes humorous.
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