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GOP: No Abortions

Will someone please explain to me why certain members of the GOP want to be all up in a woman’s womb? I thought republicans were for smaller government and keeping the government out of private business. Pro-Choice. I guess what they meant was private businesses and not your private business.

I find it hard to rationalize how forcing the government to get in between a doctor and her patient is not intruding on private affairs. It was not too long ago they were hootin’ and hollerin’ about Obamacare. How is a plan to encourage everyone to have healthcare unconstitutional (in the eyes of republicans) but making the government force women to give birth is constitutional (even though the United States Supreme Court, in Roe v. Wade, held that abortions were legal)?

GOP leaders in several states are trying to make it harder for women to have abortions. Some legislation is trying to force a woman to wait several days, listen to the heartbeat of a fetus or watch the ultrasound video before she can have an abortion. Texas passed a strict law, and other Republican-led states will follow. 

Written by: Heather



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