Welcome Courtney Preste!

Circle City News Host Courtney Preste

The Circle City News is proud to present Courtney Preste as the new host of the Circle City News podcast.

Courtneys Background

Courtney Noel Preste is a local musician, mother, and avid podcast listener. She is obsessed with true crime, is open to discussing anything, and prides herself on being an enneagram 4 (look it up!).

In 2012, Courtney published an article on the internationally known band AWOLNation for Indy’s news website and formerly print alternative, NUVO. During the 2012 Super Bowl hosted in Indianapolis, Courtney and her former band were the openers at the Pepsi Coliseum for the CMT Crossroads television show featuring Sugar Ray, Carrie Underwood, and Steven Tyler. She has also performed on Indystyle TV, the Indianapolis 500 motor speedway, and at venues all over the state of Indiana.

Courtney has lived in Indianapolis for 18 years, and currently resides in Carmel with her daughter and two black kitties, Dahlia and Gho.

About Circle City News

The opinions expressed are intended to encourage debate, alternative viewpoints and a deeper understanding of events. The articles are educational, informational, and sometimes humorous.
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