Zimmerman Says Trayvon Martin shooting was God's Plan http://mys.tc/2bj

I have to admit, out of all the three high publicity cases (James “Whitey” Bulger, Aaron Hernandez, and George Zimmerman) the Zimmerman case is the most interesting to me. I believe this case has the most social impact then a mobster or millionaire football player allegedly committing murders (we’ve been there before). The reason why I think it is so important because this is a case about peoples perception of race. The overwhelming amount of African-Americans I’ve talked to think Zimmerman is guilty and most of the Whites I’ve spoke to think he is innocent and that Trayvon, the victim, was at fault.

Do you think a Black kid walking at night is suspicious and you need to call the police and follow him? Or, do you think a Black kid walking at night is just that…a Black kid walking to somewhere?

It is not in dispute that Trayvon was walking back home from the store. There is no indication that he was trying to break into someone’s house, that he just committed a crime, that he was about to commit a crime…nothing. Just a Black teenager walking home at night, in the rain. But, because some people that think a Black kid walking at night is suspicious and must be up to no good then he must be stalked or “followed,” as Zimmerman puts it. That is exactly what Zimmerman did, even though he was told not to follow Trayvon. Therefore, in my opinion, he is responsible for causing the initial encounter…regardless of whoever threw the first punch.

Think of this: If a rapist was following a potential female victim and she noticed him following her and hit him in self defense then he shot and killed her would we think that was justified? Or, should she just wait until he abducts her and keeps her as a sex slave for years, like that crazy Castro guy in Cleveland did to those three girls.

I do think the Z-Man will be found not guilty and based on the government’s presentation (are they intentionally trying to lose?), that is probably the appropriate verdict. Unfortunately, I don’t think it is the right verdict.

Why? Well, what if someone followed your teenage child or loved one and attacked them? Then, when the attacker started losing the fight, he pulls out a gun and shoots them to death? That is just as likely to have happened in this case as Zimmerman’s version of the events. Remember, we are only getting Zimmerman’s side of the story because Trayvon is no longer alive to tell his side of the story. Trayvon had a right to defend himself just as much, if not more, than Zimmerman. I say Trayvon may have had more of right because he was the person being followed, stalked, pursued and was not on Zimmerman’s property.

Finally, the marijuana (THC) in Trayvon’s blood. Most medical research confirms that marijuana makes people less aggressive not more aggressive. Maybe after smoking some weed Trayvon got the munchies and went to the store for some snacks. On his way home, some grown man, a complete stranger, is following him. It’s at night, raining and Trayvon thinks this guy is up to no good. So, he defends himself because he doesn’t want to be a victim. Well, too bad, son, Z-Man had a gun and was itching to use it on someone just like you all night. He was the hunter and you were the prey. But, since you’re not here to tell your story, he can say you were the hunter and he was the prey…so he had to defend himself against the stereotypical bad Black man (teenager) that is naturally predisposed to commit violent crimes.


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