The Pro-Life Party?

During last night’s Republican debate some Tea Baggers cheered approval that the uninsured in America should die if they cannot afford medical treatment. This is a stunning reaction from a party that prides itself in being pro-life and wanting to end the Constitutional Right to an abortion.

I have a hypothetical. What if an uninsured mother is so poor she cannot afford to have a child. Should she be allowed to have an abortion or just try and deliver the child on her own?

Ron Paul’s response that he practiced medicine back when church’s took care of medical costs is a Stone Age response. Will the church take care of my medical costs if I’m not a member? I know their are church’s struggling to pay their bills but yet they are going to pay for everyone’s medical bills? What church and where is the church getting their money?

Are members willing to pay the medical costs for someone they do not know, who is not a member of their church, who has no medical insurance and who lives recklessly? Where is that church because I want to join!

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