Glenn Beck Predicts Race Riots!

Thursday Glenn Beck said that “these people” in the White House will start a race riot if they don’t win the 2012 election.

Really? I think anyone that believes that crap may be a racist themselves. President Obama is as much White as he is Black. He surrounds himself with White people. His second-in-command, Vice President Joe Biden, is White. The top military commanders are all White. Congress is overwhelmingly White and the Senate has no Blacks at all. The two people he appointed to the United States Supreme are Non-Blacks. I could on and on with his positive relationship with White people. But, Glenn Beck wants to stir up the racists in America and sound an alarm bell to get ready, White folks, if “these people” (i.e., “black people”) in the White House start losing then they are going to start beating and killing White people.

You may think it’s silly but he has millions of listeners (that believe what he says) and businesses are paying to keep him on the air.

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  1. hotshot bald cop says:

    Excellent thoughts about Glenn Beck’s statements.

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