The United States Supreme Court ruled that California’s prison system is unconstitutionally overcrowded and they must reduce their prison population. I guess they should have thought about where they were going to put all the prisoners from the War on Drugs and all the casualties from the three strikes you’re in for life law.

On yesterday’s FOX News PAC and Friends, Brian Kilmeade interviewed a California Sheriff. Of course, the Sheriff was against this “government” mandate to immediately release “tens of thousands” dangerous criminals and “illegal aliens” back on the streets. Typical FOX News PAC script.

First, the Court’s decision did not mandate the release of any “State” prisoners, something the “county” Sheriff has no control over anyway. Second, why didn’t they interview someone from the California State Prison system and ask them how they plan to reduce the number of prisoners? Build more prisons? Send them to another State? Use private prisons? Or release some non-violent prisoners but use GPS tracking and other types of monitoring?


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