It is not surprising to anyone that follows current events that the secretly recorded video by conservative activist, James O’Keefe, was highly edited to support his political agenda.

The Blaze viewed the two hour raw video and noticed 8 distortions.

1. NPR executive, Ron Schiller, had no reason to believe he was meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood.

2. Mr. Schiller did not show amusement at the mission statement to spread sharia law across the world.

3. Mr. Schiller did give his personal opinion about some republicans but speaks positively about the GOP and his belief in fiscal conservatism.

4. Mr. Schiller did describe Tea Party members as “xenophobic” and racist.” But, he was essentially repeating the views expressed to him by two republicans.

5. Mr. Schiller was reluctant to criticize the education of conservatives and another NPR executive, Betsy Liley, defended the intelligence of FOX viewers.

6. Mr. Schiller detailed why federal funding was important, especially for local stations. Contrary to the edited video that implied NPR did not want or need federal funding.

7-8. Are suspicious audio issues.

NPR had the two hour raw video analyzed and noticed that at least six different times Mr. Schiller said that money does not buy news coverage.

Finally, I found it very interesting that Rep. Eric Cantor and other Tea Party conservatives are attributing the personal statement of one NPR official to the entire NPR organization. Yet, when someone takes the statements of a few Tea Party members that are offensive or racist and attribute it to the entire organization people in the Tea Party say it’s unfair to take the statement of one person and attribute it to the entire Tea Party. Or they will say that person’s views don’t reflect those of the Tea Party.

Well, after watching the entire video, it appears obvious that Mr. Schiller’s personal views are not the views of NPR.


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