My Message To The Birthers

I fail to understand how President Barack Obama showing you his birth certificate would change your mind. He showed a copy of his birth certificate on his website, the governor and other State officials confirmed that he was born in Hawaii, his birth was announced in two newspapers; but yet you still refuse to believe the truth, that he was born in America and is an American citizen.

You said you want to see the long form, whatever that is. Yet, you don’t have any qualifications to judge the authenticity of a long form or a short form. Have you ever wondered why all these people you helped elect call him President of the United States? Why did the Conservative Republican Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court swear him in as President of the United States? Why hasn’t your favorite sources of information, FOX News PAC, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh produced any evidence he was born in Kenya? Have you demanded the long form birth certificate of any previous president of the United States? If not, then you need to figure out why. Then, maybe you can understand yourself.

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