Gov. Mike Huckabee
Courtesy of DonkeyHotey on Flickr

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee told a radio audience that President Barack Obama grew up in Kenya. He went in detail about President Obama being raised to hate the Brits, and having different views than Americans. Perhaps he should have said President Obama has a different view than right-wing Birther believing White people.

Gov. Huckabee has zero evidence of what he claimed to “know.” Then he tried to distance himself from Birthers by claiming if there was something there then the Clintons, with all their “investigators,” would have “found it.” Mr. Huckabee, what is “it”? A Kenyan birth certificate? Why didn’t John McCain’s investigators find “it”? Or Sarah Palin’s investigators? No? What about FOX News PAC? I’m sure they have a few investigative reporters that would love to break the story and be lauded as a hero. Or, what about the Koch brothers and all their billions? Why didn’t they find “it”?

You know why they didn’t find “it”? Because “it” doesn’t exist. President Barack Hussein Obama was born in America and is American. He is us and we are him. He is not some foreign national bent on destroying America. You may disagree with his policies but his policies are, for the most part, Democratic and not socialist, Marxist or terrorist. Now where are the good Republicans that have the decency to say that?


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