What I Love About WordPress!

Photo by Circle City News

I have blogged using a few different services. Actually, I started blogging on WordPress about two years ago then switched after a month or so to another blog. Now I’m back at WordPress.

So, what do I love about WordPress? I will give you four good reasons why.

First, they make blogging easier. It is so user-friendly with the options of private, public, draft and scheduling postings. The scheduling feature is really useful for me because I always seem short on time. Furthermore, I never liked the idea of 3-4 postings back to back. The postings would get pushed further down the homepage until they weren’t viewable. Using the scheduling feature gives me the flexibility to stagger the postings without being at the computer.

Second, I love the WordPress Android phone app. I always seem to have my phone with me and when something comes across my mind I can start writing immediately before I forget it.

Third, I love Freshly Pressed because the pictures are pretty and the words are wonderful! Popular tag is another feature I love. By using certain tag words your blog posting will appear in that category automatically for everyone to see. I like clicking on some of the popular tags and reading what people are writing about.

I’ve been back for about two weeks and my average daily readership is in the double digits. I’m positive having my blog appear in popular tags has increased my readership. When I used the other service I had an average daily readership of less than 6. Either WordPress helped me write a more interesting blog or made it easier for people to read my blog. Which brings me to the fourth feature I love.

Fourth, the ability to automatically publicize on Twitter and Facebook is the proverbial icing on the cake. All my friends and followers can see each posting. Recently someone retweeted one of my postings. I was so excited! It made me feel like my words are really touching people lives.

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