[Update: His boss just fired him]

Indiana Deputy Attorney General Jeff Cox advocates using “deadly force” against peaceful protesters. Here is a man getting paid with our tax dollars and yet he advocates killing fellow Americans that disagree with him.

He claimed an African-American teenager deserved a severe beating by police and compared unions to Nazis and called the President of the United States a traitor.

When the Tea Party protested did he advocate shooting them, too? I mean, hey, they were disrupting town hall meetings and protesting outside the capitol building. Or did he remain silent because he agreed with them?

I fear for the Hoosier State when its leaders have so much hate that they would advocate shooting people who disagree with them.


  • Ben Hoffman

    [Update: His boss just fired him]

    That’s okay, Fox “news” will hire him. 🙂

    • Circle City News

      Yes, if he wanted to get noticed he certainly accomplished that.

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