A city firefighter refused to respond to the Jan. 8 Arizona shooting spree that left six people dead and 13 wounded, the Arizona Daily Star reported, citing city memos.

This is absolutely offensive to think a firefighter, police officer or other public servant, being paid with our tax dollars would refuse a 911 call because he disagreed with the victim’s (Democrat Gabrielle Gifford) political views! To make matters worse, he was on a unit specifically trained to handle major medical emergencies. I guess he could only handle major “right-wing conservative” medical emergencies.

Did he receive tax payer dollars only from people who had the same conservative political views like him? No! He accepted his paycheck and he didn’t care what the taxpayer’s political views were. Now he is retiring instead of being fired and will live off of the people’s taxes. How sad is that.

For the full story please click here.


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