This is an article I wrote back in August of 2009. I started blogging the following month but never posted this article. It is dated and may come as no big surprise to some. Also, the link will take you to his site but not to the actual video I referenced in the article.

Glenn Beck said on his  Friday, August 14, 2009, Fox News network show (here is the link, it it us under the “Use Your Head” segment and it begins in the last 1 minute and 40 seconds of that segment, He claimed the death of “Gate” referring to Watergate, Monicagate and all the other Washington scandals.  He ushered in the “ers” referring to the “Birthers,” “Deathers [death panel believers].”

Then he asked his viewers to come up with a name for the people in the White House that ended in “ers.”  The best he could come up with was “liars.”  Odd, because that word did not end in “ers.” Then he said that wasn’t good enough so “use your head.”

I believe he was looking for the “N” word.  It does not take much to come to the conclusion he was referring to President Barack Obama and his family as “Niggers” because it ends in “ers” and he recently called the president a “racist.”  Given Mr. Beck’s history towards the president, I seriously doubt he was looking for a complimenting word like “lovers.”  And he could have said “haters”  if he meant that.


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